Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Phoebe arrives in Ambridge: Tues 31.07.12

(blimey, that was a quick flight)

The Archers Tuesday 31st July 2012
  • Hayley wants Roy in the fast lane
  • NOW Hayley worries about Phoebe’s room
  • Mike likes grandkids
  • Ed’s also dropping his price
  • Phoebe’s arrival home is … muted
  • Jazzer’s going to the ‘Brugh!
  • Abbie likes the horses
  • Brenda really has changed

Hayley wants Roy in the fast lane

So that they can get to the airport before Phoebe arrives.

Roy, ever calm, keeps to the slow lane.

They’ll get there. Eventually.

NOW Hayley worries about Phoebe’s room

She’s wondering if she should have spoken to Phoebe first before she redecorated.

Bit late for that, considering it’s done and Phoebe’s on her way.

When Phoebe sees it:

[Phoebe] “It’s different … I was expecting it to be how it was … than you. It was nice of you.”

So, not totally enamoured, but not horrified.

At least Delia’s pot matches the room (so reckons Hayley), though it might not have been a good idea for them to have hung photos of everyone Phoebe is “missing” from South Africa.

Mike likes grandkids

Vicky and Mike are sitting Abbie while Hayley and Roy go to collect Phoebe from the airport.

[Vicky] “This is fun, isn’t it Mike. It’s lovely to do things with the little one. There’s so much you can share with them. I really feel we have so much to give.”

[Mike] “Yeah, grandkids are great.”

Being Mike, I’ve no idea if he said that without thinking, or if he was trying to make a point.

Ed’s also dropping his price

So that Mike can drop his.

I would have thought they’d both be manning the barricades by now!

Phoebe’s arrival home is … muted

(Well, not literally. We wouldn’t have heard anything)

When Phoebe sees Hayley and Roy, she starts sobbing.

When she gets home, she goes straight up to her room. Not even stopping to admire the banner or cake that’s been made in her honour.

She’s a tad monosyllabic when Roy and Hayley go up to see her.

[Roy] “What about, um, well, eh, how are things with Kate?”

Phoebe changed the subject.

But, Phoebe doesn’t eventually go down, to say hello to all, and to get a hug from Mike.

[Phoebe] “It’s good to be home. It really is.”

Jazzer’s going to the ‘Brugh!

[Fallon] “I know what Jazzer’s superpower is mum, persuasion.”

Jazzer’s persuaded  Mike to let him go on holiday.

Because Fallon said he could come, when he fixed her van yesterday, she’s now stuck with him.

[Fallon] “I didn’t mean it. I was just being nice … I thought I was safe … I’d look like a right cow.”

Ever ready with good advice, Jolene suggests Fallon gets a fourth to come on holiday.

[Jolene] “Dilute him a bit.”

[Fallon] “Yeah, so he’s not so much of a gooseberry.”

(oh-ho! Fallon does have dishonourable intentions towards Harry after all!)

So who is Fallon going to call?


She gets the time off of Ambridge Organics no problem (Helen must still be full of the joys of motherhood), but Jaxx might be a problem. It’s busy, and they’re already down staff.

[Jolene] “Do you want me to push Kenton a bit, see if he can sort something out?”

[Fallon] “Push hard … my happiness is at stake here!”

Abbie likes the horses

At the Olympics.


Brenda really has changed

It’s a shocker!

Vicky tells Brenda that she’s told Mike she’s pregnant (Vicky, not Brenda).

[Vicky] “He’s been a bit dazed since then.”

Vicky doesn’t know if Mike is happy or not about the baby.

[Vicky] “And I realised I was just talking and talking because I was scared that he’d say … he doesn’t want it …  Will I measure up? I know what a wonderful mother Betty was to you and Roy … Mike’s been through it before, but it’s all going to be so new to me.”

[Brenda] “Mum was new to it once, you mustn’t worry about trying to be her. I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful mother, in your own way.”

[Vicky] “I can’t do it alone Brenda, but I can’t lose mike. If that’s my choice, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Brenda even offers to go to the midwife with Vicky, as Mike’s likely to be busy (and still pondering).

Caring. A good listener. And helpful.

Where’s our usual brand of Brenda?

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