Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The kids aren’t even safe at Heather’s: Wed 04.07.12

(who’d have thought it … !)

The Archers Wednesday 4th July 2012
  • Yet more chat about cigarettes
  • The Ambridge games will be international
  • Going to the pub doesn’t come naturally for Adam
  • Ruth does some mopping
  • Jill Vs. the Gang
  • Seems Pavel is a bit of a dish
  • What interview?
  • Ambridge Mixed Vs. St Mags
  • “Gość w dom, woda w zupie”
  • Was Ian enjoyng Pavel’s humour too much?

Yet more chat about cigarettes

If I didn’t know about just being one amongst millions, I’d swear the residents of Ambridge were trying to wind me up.

It was one of Adam’s fruit pickers again. Pavel. Adam caught him, again, skiving off to have a cigarette.

The later, Ian and Pavel were talking cigarettes again. Ian’s a smoker, so is on Pavel’s rather than Adam’s side.

[Ian] “He doesn’t understand the weakness.”

Seems every eavesdropping episode of the last 12 days has had a mention of smoking.

Though the last 12 days have also been completely smoke free for me …

The Ambridge games will be international

Pavel’s getting a team together. After he’d seen a poster asking for teams to sign up. And after some bloke in Jaxx had encouraged him … Pavel was surprised to hear Adam say that was his cousin, Kenton.

You can always spot a newcomer to Ambridge. They don’t know that nearly everyone has sprung from the same Archer well!

Going to the pub doesn’t come naturally for Adam


Adam still hadn’t thought of a replacement for the cancelled Tree Top Adventure fruit picker trip.

Pavel suggested the pub.

Adam was astonished! He’d never have thought a herd of young people, far away from home, would enjoy spending time in a public house.

And the wee toots has to beg Ian to accompany them, for moral support.

Ruth does some mopping

As Emma’s called in to say she can’t make it.

Darn that Emma. Ruth probably had to spend a few hours trying to work out which end to use.


The phone goes at Brookfield. David answers:

[Bad man] “Quiet without the kids, isn’t it … we know where they are …”

[David] “YOU BASTARD. You touch my kids … “

Oh my.

David’s quite right to wonder how the gang know where the kids are.

I suppose they could have followed Ruth when she dropped them off.

Or tapped the phones.

Or are checking Josh’s Facebook (and the like).


More likely the gang can only see that the kids have gone. They’re just playing on David and Ruth’s already frayed nerves.

Jill Vs. the Gang

My money would always be on Jill, no question.

David and Ruth phone Jill right after they’d phoned Heather.

Jill brings her patented calm and jolly good sense. She stops Ruth trying to drive to get Ben and Josh there and then.

[Jill] “It wouldn’t be safe. Not when you’re very upset. It’s a very long way.”

Ruth starts flapping and getting angry.

[Jill] “Look, you out the kettle on David, I want to make a quick call … Right, it’s all sorted … just spoken to Kenton, he’s going to drive you up there in the morning … I knew he’d want to help.”

Good old Jill. She then pops off to make scrambled eggs (easy to get down no matter what, apparently).

And good old Kenton. Nice to see Jill remembering that he can be of use, sometimes.

[Ruth] “I thought they were safe. Maybe they’re not safe anywhere.”

When Jill left the room, Jill then sounded wobbly herself. Seems she was being strong for Ruth.

[David] “I’ve done nothing have I? Do why do I feel that all this is my fault?”

Seems Pavel is a bit of a dish

There seems to be a flood of handsome new men arriving in Ambridge.

Alice is in the pub with Adam, Ian and the pickers – she reckons Pavel is quite tasty indeed.

[Adam] “Ah, if you like the wild, unkept look.”

What interview?

Seems Alice had her interview today. It was a call back. She seemed very nervous about whether she had done well or not.

Did I miss a previous mention of an important interview?

Ambridge Mixed Vs. St Mags

Alice reckons the game against her old school St Mags will be a tough one for Ambridge’s Mixed youngsters cricket teams. Seems St Mags is a “team to be reckoned with.”

[Adam] “That might ruffle a few feathers ...Playing girls against girls … does she have any idea how determined Jamie and Dan are going to be.”

[Alice] “Out for a duck to a female bowler!”

“Gość w dom, woda w zupie”

Is what I think Pavel was teaching Ian to say?

“Guest in the house, water in the soup”

(and please excuse me if I have that completely wrong – had to use Google Translate rather than Babel Fish, which seems to be down)

Was Ian enjoyng Pavel’s humour too much?

Hard to tell, what with Pavel being sooo handsome, but Ian always being sooo nice to everyone.

I wouldn’t have thought so though.

That’s just not Ian’s style.


Ruby said...

I also wondered whether the gang really know where the boys are. If they don't, bringing them back to Ambrisge would surely be less safe.

And why can't the police do more? Intimidating witnesses is a criminal offence and they know the people who are behind it.

Inga McVicar said...

The Police are probably too busy with the Olympics ...