Monday, 23 July 2012

Tracey is frightfully rude to Emma: Mon 23.07.12

The Archers Monday 23rd July 2012
  • Tracey pulls her punches
  • Fallon and Harry return to go to Edinburgh
  • Even Susan thinks Emma’s lying

Tracey pulls her punches

She went for purely verbal assaults instead.

[Tracey] “You can knock some sense into that spiteful daughter of yours!”

Seems Keith is at home, near suicidal with depression.

[Susan] “I can’t bear it, my daughter against my brother, what can I do?”

[Tracey] “She’s mad!”

Tracey reckons everyone knows Keith is innocent.

[Tracey] “Everyone knows it expect that vindictive daughter of yours.”

When Tracey later goes round to see Emma, to tell her to stop lying.

[Tracey] “You’ve built up this great big fantasy, it’s you that needs locking up, not Keith … what a  spiteful cow you are. Spiteful and malicious!”

Blimey. With an Aunt like that …

Fallon and Harry return to go to Edinburgh
How very odd.

We hadn’t heard from Harry nor Fallon for an age.

But up they pop today (right next to the secret microphones).

Harry’s bemoaning that everyone seems to have gone off on holiday. Though Fallon suggests he also heads off for a wee trip to the Milk Bottle Museum, he thinks he’ll just end up taking a holiday to watch the Olympics on telly.

Fallon’s next suggestion:

[Fallon] “A caravan in West super Mare and a bag full of 10 pence pieces, holiday sorted!”

Harry reckons he’s too skint to even afford that.

Then Fallon remembers she owns a camper van. Big enough for two …

[Harry] “Weston super Mare, here we come!”

Then they check what’s on:

[Harry] “Music and beer fest.”

[Fallon] “No thanks, potbellied blokes holding their pints up to the light … I get enough of that here.”

They want to go somewhere with life, music, culture … so they ask Kenton (!).

He suggest Edinburgh. He once went there with a mate:

[Kenton] “Yeah, and I think we left our mark!”

(he thankfully didn’t go into details)

So – they’ll be off to The Fringe. (The Fringe still strikes terror into my heart when it’s uttered … I survived 17 years of it as a local)

[Kenton] “Hmm Hmmm … you and Harry in a camper van, eh?”

Well spotted Kenton … Fallon might get her man after all!

Even Susan thinks Emma’s lying

After suffering the tirade from Tracey, Emma goes to tirade at Susan.

[Emma] “So, you still haven’t made up your mind, me or Keith?”

[Susan] “You can’t want Keith to go to prison love … It was someone who looked like Keith, maybe … I think you’ve built it up ... and now it’s a cast iron certainty … I know it’s a hard thing to admit, but can’t you accept the possibility that you could have got it wrong … it’s Keith’s future at stake … I’m sure in your heart you don’t want it to be him … the thing is, you’ve been wrong before … you swore blind that Ed was George’s father … you had us all going.”

[Emma] “This is nothing like that,. I saw him mum!”

[Susan] “You saw someone … maybe you just persuaded yourself it was Keith …”

Oh – Susan was cheeky to mention George’s paternity!

But she has a point.

Emma’s very good at convincing herself, then convincing everyone else …


caroline_venezia said...

Do you think we're going to get a shock 'Fringe no longer cheap' expose?

We've studiously avoided looking at what's on in any of the Festivals, in case we're momentarily jealous of those still in Edinburgh :-)

Inga McVicar said...

ha ha! You could be right. That they're staying in a camper van suggests they'll be angry about any cost. Including a deep fried mars bar (has any of us Edinburgh folks ever?).

I cracked this year, and we're off to see Susan Calman in The Fringe. Normally also avoid, but more about not spending weeks going up and down the M74!

caroline_venezia said...

Nope, me neither.

I do like Susan Calman on the New Quiz - imagine she'll be vg live.