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Kate’s a madwoman, so says Hayley: Sun 08.07.12

The Archers Sunday 8th July 2012
  • Roy liked Phoebe’s old lampshade
  • South Africa, or Vicky in a glamorous granny contest?
  • Milk Price Rally
  • Elizabeth speaks to David!!!!!!
  • George not impressed with Susan’s
  • Josh to look after Jeena
  • Roy knows Kate

Roy liked Phoebe’s old lampshade

But it doesn’t fit with the rest of her new room, so it’s got to go.

There was a slight panic when they found the bulb wasn’t working, but Roy borrowed one from Mike.

Such drama!

South Africa, or Vicky in a glamorous granny contest?

(I know what I’d prefer)

Kate drops her bombshell

Well, to be fair to Kate, it was actually Phoebe’s bombshell. But Kate did facilitate it by agreeing to Phoebe staying longer in South Africa without talking to Roy and Hayley first,

Kate called Hayley, just as Hayley was putting the finishing touches to Phoebe’s room.

[Kate] “It makes much more sense.”

[Hayley] “It might make sense to you but this date’s been set for months!

[Kate] “That was ages ago, we didn’t know how things were going to work out, she’s loving South Africa … you can hardly begrudge it, you’ve had her all these years.”

Later on, talking to Roy, Hayley was furious with herself for letting Kate wind her up.

She and Roy are both furious Phoebe isn’t coming home, for a number of reasons. There will be no time for her to settle down before school. It’ll ruin the holiday plans they’d made.

[Roy] “No, it’ll be Kate just trying it on … she isn’t going to stay there. I’ll not have it.”

So Roy calls Kate.

[Kate] “You and Hayley are as bad as each other, overeating …”

Roy demands to be told about the camping trip to the Cape. Kate’s mention of older boys being there doesn’t make Roy a happy man …

[Kate] “ … for goodness sake, grow up, and let Phoebe, Just chill a bit … I can see a week in some holiday park in the UK  to be far more enjoyable, playing snap with her kid sister while Vicky enters the glamorous granny competition!”

[Roy] “It wouldn’t be like that …”

(Roy had to stop there. He couldn’t exactly give any reasons why it wouldn’t be like that)

Kate handed the phone to Phoebe, who tells Roy that she wants to stay as she’s having such a marvellous time.

[Roy] “Well, you are going to come back, aren’t you?”

[Phoebe] “Don’t be silly. Of course I will!”

So, Roy has to relent. What Phoebe wants, Phoebe does seem to get.

Milk Price Rally

Will be taking place in London, but David’s not going. He feels his place is at Brookfield, especially now that everyone’s home again (including Emma at Rickyard, it would seem).

[David] “We’ve just got to be aware, that’s all, rather than being paranoid.”

Elizabeth speaks to David!!!!!!

Sounded like Josh and Ben were at Lower Loxley. David expected it would be Lewis to bring them home.

[David] “What would it take, do you think, for Elizabeth to come round?”

[Ruth] “What, here?”

[David]  “In her head as well. Perhaps if these nutters bought me one, or finished me off … do you think that would even the stakes?”

Later on, after the boys are home.

[David] “You might need to go home and lie in a darkened room.”

Elizabeth had dropped them off, and had also spoken to David.

[David] “Don’t get excited. Nothing’s changed. She still thinks I’m an idiot. She thinks I’m mad to give evidence … from her point of view, it’s clearly just another wrong decision from someone who clearly can’t be trusted to make them.”

Ach well. At least Elizabeth is now acknowledging David exists. Might take a few more years for her to realise he didn’t kill Nigel.

George not impressed with Susan’s

George didn’t like staying at Ambridge View.

He wasn’t allowed in most of the rooms. Could have drinks or crisps in front of the “big” telly. And had to talk his shoes off.

When telling Josh, they both agree it was rather “extreme”.

Josh to look after Jeena

Jeena’s very heavily pregnant with a big calf, but has quite slim hips. So she’ll likely need help.

Josh was sounding very depressed (indeed) that Phoebe wasn’t coming home:

[Josh] “Some summer I’m going to have, gated on a farm with nutters after us.”

David reminds him that they’ll have days out. Cricket. Football. He’ll finally get on the tractor. And, he wants Josh to look after Jeena.

Josh actually sounded really happy about that.

Would seem Phoebe is easily forgotten for a cow …

Roy knows Kate

[Hayley] “Can we trust her Roy … Kate … by September, will she come up with some other excuse to keep her … Kate’s brainwashed her.”

[Roy] “I thought Kate sounded ... a bit detached”

[Hayley] “Don’t tell me Phoebe’s been packed off to get her out of Kate’s way.”

[Roy] “I thought Kate sounded a bit odd.”

[Hayley] “So now there’s a madwoman in charge of our daughter … well thanks Roy. If you’re trying to reassure me, you’re going the wrong way about it!”


Looks like Roy’s spotted Kate’s up to no good.

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