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Mike’s told he’s going to be a dad (again): Mon 30.07.12

The Archers Monday 30th July 2012
  • Vicky doesn’t want her toast
  • Mike doesn’t approve of Kate
  • What’s Adam thinking?
  • Jazzer’s a happy chappy
  • Fallon’s glum
  • Mike’s had more cancellations
  • She’s having a baby!
  • Jazzer’s Highland Games 2013?

Vicky doesn’t want her toast

But Mike’s too knackered from the Community Games to notice.

How will he cope once the baby arrives.

Mike doesn’t approve of Kate

Now there’s a surprise.

Seems Phoebe was shaken by the bad taxi man experience. But she wasn’t hurt.

[Mike] “Must have been pretty badly shaken up to come home early … It’s Kate all over innit, the sooner Phoebe gets home and back under Roy and Hayley’s influence the better.”

What’s Adam thinking?

Certainly not about Ian.

Ian forces him to talk to him during the working day. Seems it’s the only way he’ll get to see him.

[Ian] “You’re making sure we’re only both at home when one of us is asleep.”

Adam denies.

Ian’s still (rightly) furious that Adam told Brian he wouldn’t be part of turning more of Home Farm over to arable, for the Super Dairy, without talking to him first.

Ian’s worried about what will happen if Debbie and Brian decide to turn yet more of Home Farm to arable.

Adam reckons he’d just look at “other opportunities”:

[Ian] “Other opportunities. Like moving away from Ambridge?”

[Adam] “Possible. I’d have to see.”

[Ian] “You really haven’t given me a second thought!”

Adam reckons Ian can work anywhere. But, Ian might not want to work anywhere.

But, Adam agrees to sit down and talk properly. Soon.

What’s that man thinking?

Does he want to lose Ian Craig … officially the nicest man to have even graced Ambridge?

Jazzer’s a happy chappy

[Jazzer] “You know sometimes when everything goes right … nae hangover, finished the round quick, even the pigs were in a good mood!”

Ah, nice to hear Jazzer’s dulcet tones being upbeat for once.

Fallon’s glum

Her van won’t start. Which means she’ll need it towed to a garage.

She needs the van for her and Harry’s Fringe extravaganza.

[Fallon] “This was meant to be a cheap trip!”

But not to fret. Jazzer’s in such a good mood that he takes a look at the van (for a free pint, of course).

[Jazzer] “What’s occurring … when you turn the key what happens?”

Amazingly – Jazzer diagnosis the problem from Fallon going “broom, broom, broom”.

After having a proper look, Jazzer decides the plugs are getting “sooted” up. And fixes it.

Fallon’s over the moon! Jazzer will get another pint AND one of Freda’s pie and chips on the house.

[Fallon] “So, you think it’ll get to Edinburgh?”

[Jazzer] “Know what you need, a resident mechanic!”

Fallon reminds Jazzer that he can’t get the time off of work. But Jazzer reckons:

[Jazzer] “Folk can change their minds.”

[Fallon] “Not Mike. He’s not exactly Mr Flexible, is he?”

(oh, that ominous for Vicky)

So – do we think Jazzer broke the van in the first place?

Mike’s had more cancellations

Seems more and more folks are deciding that while his milk is better, they can’t afford it.

He’s even considering dropping his prices.


That won’t be good timing …

She’s having a baby!

[Vicky] “There’s something I need to tell you … yes, well, you know I went to the surgery last week for my smear test … I saw the doctor, not the nurse … this is all taken me by surprise, and I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about it …”

[Mike, sounding scared] “I thought it was just routine, you know … you know you mean the world to me. And I’ll support you every step of the way, whatever happens. I know the treatment can be tough … but look at Ruth Archer …”

[Vicky] “No, there’s not going to be any treatment.”

[Mike, terrified] “It’s incurable?”

[Vicky] “No, it’s not cancer, I’m not going to die, it’s quite the opposite actually.”

[Mike] “The opposite? What’s the opposite … oh my god!”

[Vicky] “I’m pregnant. I’m going to have a baby … I’ve thought more and more about it … I really think it’s a blessing … fate has given me, given us, this wonderful chance … I do think some things are meant to happen, aren’t they … our little baby … I know you’ll love it … it’s really what I’ve always, always wanted. It’s just going to be wonderful, don’t you think?”

At first, silence from Mike.

Well, he didn’t have to recover after Vicky’s onslaught.

[Vicky] “So, how do you feel?”

[Mike] “It’s, um, well, I can see how much it means to you, it’s just a bit of a shock … I think I, um, need a bit of time to let it sink in.”

And Mike doesn’t want anyone else to be told. Not with Phoebe coming home. She should be the centre of attention.

Vicky agrees, but:

[Vicky] “It’s like I’m bursting with the news m I want to tell the whole world!”

[Mike] “Let me work out how I feel about it …”

Mike was then rather shocked to be told their first scan is next week …

So – does Mike not want to tell anyone who that they still have abortion as an option (without anyone condemning them)?

Will he ever agree it’s a miracle?

Jazzer’s Highland Games 2013?

Jazzer was not impressed by the Community Games

[Jazzer] “It was like a weans sports day … Real Highland Games, there’s a spectacle, not some nancy bouncing over a ramp of chucking a gum boot!”

(steady on Jazzer! I know a fair few ‘nancy’ types who could do you proper damage with a welly!)

So, Jazzer might organise his own Highland Games next year.

That’ll be interesting.

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