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Phoebe’s trashes Kate’s car: Thurs 19.07.12

Ambridge Extra Thursday 19th July 2012
  • On the vodka
  • Told you, Johan’s a bad ‘un
  • Kate having sex. BLEUGH!
  • Kate scares Johan
  • Phoebe wielding a wheel jack

On the vodka

At a club.

Phoebe’s only 14!

Lucky her mate’s sister’s boyfriend (still with me?) is a good chap. He’s aware that neither Phoebe nor her pal Mandisa should be drinking, and tries to get them to calm down.

He tells them they can meet the DJ, but only if they’re sober.

[Milton] “One thing he really hates is young girls throwing up all over his decks …All this booze, do you think it’s a really good idea … I don’t want to be taking her to A&E for a stomach pump.”

When later on Phoebe and Mandisa are drunk, Milton tries to talk to Phoebe. He tells her he’s talking to her like a big brother. How he can see she’s messed up, and know how she feels.

[Milton] “You can take it from me girl, getting wasted like this isn’t going to sort it out for you.”

Phoebe misreads his intentions and goes to kiss him, but he gently lets her down.

Top bloke, is that Milton.

Told you, Johan’s a bad ‘un

[Milton] “Oh ye, he’s a real operator. A total sleaze ball. A different girl for each night of the week.”

Kate having sex. BLEUGH!

Johan’s only interested in one thing

Kate’s telling Johan her home life woes, but he’s only interested in getting her clothes off.

They’re having adult relations in his office, while the student club (that Phoebe’s at) goes on downstairs.


That we also had to endure Kate very noisily enjoying these adult relations is something that will haunt me for many, many years to come.

But putting that aside (if we ever can), does Kate have a point that she shouldn’t have to move? She was telling Johan (though he wasn’t listening) how her work is so important.

[Kate] “I feel like it’s the first big thing I’ve achieved in my life.”

And remember Lucas did come across as a bit of a bully at the start of the round of Ambridge Extra.

Maybe this actually isn’t fair on Kate?

Kate scares Johan

Post-coitus, Kate starts talking about how she’s going to stay with her kids.

[Kate] “Stay for good. Forever … stay here and be with you, Why not, What’s stopping me?”

[Johan, sensing he’s in trouble] “We’ve got to try and be sensible about this.”

Kate starts talking about being a “proper couple”.

[Johan] “Kate, my sweet thing, I don’t want you to rush anything on my sake … let’s take it easy.”

[Kate] “Oh, don't you want me to stay?”

[Johan] “I’m saying that we’ve got to get dressed before the cleaners start knocking at the door”

And he leaves her there to get dressed! I don’t think he could have moved any faster.

Kate follows him down to the club, but he’s too busy trying to find a student he seemingly needs to talk to. He won’t even stop to talk to her properly.

[Kate] “Forget what I said upstairs, I didn’t mean to crowd you.”

(oh dear. That sounds desperate)

That’s when Phoebe spots the both of them …

Phoebe wielding a wheel jack

When Phoebe sees Kate and Johan, she runs outside with Milton’s car keys. She takes his when jack.

[Phoebe] “I’ve got to stop them.”

Next we heard Phoebe smashing something. Something large and metal, with glass.

By the time Mandisa and Milton get to Phoebe, she’s more or less written the car off.

[Milton] “Yeah, but you got the wrong car girl.”

[Mandisa] “No. it’s her mum’s. She’s trashed her mum’s car.”


Explain that one away, Kate.

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