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Lucas got the job: Tues 10.07.12

Ambridge Extra 10th July 2012
  • Lucas’ mum, Delia
  • Johan is a player
  • Lucas is offered the job

Lucas’ mum, Delia

Sounds like a very sensible woman indeed.

She was having a chat to Lucas before his job interview. Though she encourages him to take his chance (if he’s offered it), so also tells him to “be considerate” and not to take things for granted.

By which she means Kate.

Sounds like advice which has come too late.

Johan is a player

Lucas’ dad Michael walked in on Johan at work, while he was “helping” a graduate student.

And Michael later told Delia that Johan has a bad reputation.

Oops. Nae luck there then, Kate.

Michael then invited Johan round to his and Delia’s for dinner. While Lucas and Kate are also there for dinner.

Johan hesitates, and calls Kate to see what she thinks.

[Kate] “No. No, please come ... they're trying to pressure me, it’d be good to have you there. Someone on my side. But please, please be careful.”

What numpties! Dangerous and incredibly disrespectful for Johan to eat at Lucas’ parents’ house. But would seem Johan has the same morals as Kate.

(i.e. none at all)

When Delia sees Johan:

[Delia] “Ah, so that's your Johan. now I understand!”

At dinner, Johan waxes lyrical about how marvellous Kate is. How she’s made such a difference to him in his work and the like.

Would seem Michael’s not a man to be underestimated.

As Johan is leaving, Michael shakes his hand while saying:

[Michael] “And Johan. Just a word before you go. Inspite of what happened tonight, Lucas and Kate are a very close couple ... forgive me if I’m speaking out of turn ... I may be getting old, but I’m not blind. Kate’s an attractive woman, and I noticed something unprofessional in the way you were looking at her tonight ... if you’ve any intentions of that kind, I would forget them now.”

[Johan] “I would never dream of compromising her in anyway ... so, can I have my hand back now?”

This isn’t going to be pretty when the truth is unveiled.

Lucas is offered the job

He and his parents were delighted, Kate left the room visibly upset.

If she’s upset at having to move away from Johan, she might want to take heed of the gossip about him first. He’s already onto the next woman!

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