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Jill shouts at Elizabeth: Mon 02.07.12

The Archers Monday 2nd July 2012
  • Jennifer’s a mum first
  • Fruit pickers can’t make decisions
  • Tea at the Orangery turns nasty
  • Three minutes for a cigarette
  • Save the Valley Farm Swifts!
  • Did Adam come close to the Ambridge Beast?
  • Elizabeth pretends to be interested
  • Why won’t Brian tell us who the driver is?
  • Adam’s swithering

Jennifer’s a mum first

And she won’t stop nagging until her (eldest) wee boy looks after himself.

Even though Adam got the all clear from the hospital (so far):

[Jennifer] “It doesn’t mean you can go at things hammer and tongs, you know.”

Adam tells her that they still haven’t got a driver for the combine (which Adam was to sort, then Brian, who punted it back to Adam, only for it to go back to Brian when Jennifer noticed Adam was a tad overworked. BUT looks like Brian’s let it be rather than sort it).

Jennifer later tells Brian that he needs to concentrate on Home Farm, rather than the Super Dairy, especially with the harvest looming.

But actually, Adam’s really quite happy back at work.

[Adam] “Moments like these it feels good to be back at work.”

He’s looking forward to the harvest. Despite it being such a hard slog.

[Adam] “And the great thing is, at the end of the day, you’ve got a barn full of food.”

Fruit pickers can’t make decisions

According to Adam.

He hasn’t thought of a replacement trip out (in place of the Tree Top Adventure), but won’t consider asking the pickers. They don’t do decisions easily, apparently.

Tea at the Orangery turns nasty

[Jill] “Lovely to hear from you darling, hold on. I’ll just drop my trowel.”

Elizabeth calls Jill, just as Jill has to redo the Village Shop planters, on Lynda’s command. Lynda’s being very specific about when plants have to be watered, and Jill also has to do the baking for the judges’ visit. Jill is most delighted to be interrupted and invited for tea.

[Jill] “That would be wonderful Elizabeth; I could escape Lynda’s clutches for an hour at least.”

When Jill arrives, they chat about this and that.

This, being the Britain in Bloom efforts:

[Jill] “Well it has been very rewarding, of course seeing the village looking so lovely.”

That, being that Lower Loxley wine didn’t place in the UK Vinters' competition, but that it did get positive comments which Elizabeth can use to improve.

Then, onto the elephant in the room. Jill makes mention of popping over the Brookfield later on:

[Elizabeth] “So, how are things?”

[Jill] “Well, difficult. As you can imagine.”

[Elizabeth] “Honestly mum, I don’t know what David thinks he’s doing!”

[Jill] “He’s taking care of his family, of course.”

[Elizabeth] “I just thought … well … He always seems to make the wrong decision, doesn’t he?”

[Jill] “What do you mean?”

[Elizabeth] “Well, why’s he so set on giving evidence? Surely the most important thing is keeping his family safe.”

[Jill] “He is keeping them safe.”

[Elizabeth] “By sending them away?”

[Jill] “The situation is far more complicated than you Elizabeth … and assessing it in such a black and white way really isn’t helpful at all.”

Jill then walks out. Just as Hayley comes to ask Elizabeth if she can leave early to buy a lampshade.

Oh dear.

We hadn’t heard from Elizabeth for such a long time, but she comes right back in to start an argument!

Three minutes for a cigarette

Adam’s having a moan about one of his pickers (Pavrol? Spelling?!?) always “slacking off” for a cigarette.

[Ian] “Give the lad a break. It’d take him three minutes max.”

Course, as Adam pointed out, Ian would know!

And I can concur. Due to a previous life in retail, I could smoke two and a half cigarettes in a 15 minute break.

Must also mention that there’s been a lot of mentions about smoking near the hidden microphones lately. Though I could be over sensitive. Only 10 days without a cigarette so far …

Save the Valley Farm Swifts!

Now that’s something for Hattie and her crew to get her teeth into.

A whole back, Brian took Jennifer for a nice walk, which just happened to end up at a place called Valley Farm. It just so happens the owners might be willing to sell, and it just so happens that it’d be perfect for accommodation for the Super Dairy works.

It also just so happens to have swifts nesting.

[Jennifer] “Don’t forget what I said about the swifts … it’s their home too!”

Did Adam come close to the Ambridge Beast?

[Adam] “I might have encountered Lynda’s wild beast when I was up at Haydn Berry this morning … well there was definitely something crashing through the undergrowth.”

[Ian] “What, you don’t think it was Lynda and Scruff?”

[Adam] “I just heard this mad snorting and snuffling.”

[Ian] “Bound to be her then. She’s doing a lot of snorting at the moment!”

Shouldn’t that be sniffing? That’d be more Lynda’s style.

And what happened to Neil’s great discovery of a wild boar the other day? Susan was so excited, so it surely should have been front page news by now?

Elizabeth pretends to be interested

In Hayley’s talk of redecorating Phoebe’s bedroom.

[Elizabeth] “Phoebe’s going to love it, I’m sure.”

[Hayley] “She was in her pink phase when she went away.”

Why won’t Brian tell us who the driver is?

He has sorted someone for the combine driving, but is keeping secret of who it is.


What on earth could be the surprise?

Adam’s swithering

[Adam] “Look, you’ve made a really good case. When I’m listening to you, I know I should be encouraging David, telling him to face them down and give evidence.”

[Ian] “Well that’s what seems right to me.”

[Adam] “In theory, yeah. But, they’re family. What am I putting them through? Ruth begged me last week to persuade David to pull out. She was in pieces, and I was standing there thinking this is all down to me.”

[Ian] “You're the victim in this, don’t forget get that.”

[Adam] “Ok. But that really doesn’t help them, does it … if you’re right, and David should stand firm, how on earth am I going to tell Ruth?”


If something does happen, the guilt will be unbearable.

But, if the gang gets free, how can Adam ever sleep sound?

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