Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Phoebe leaves for Ambridge: Tues 31.07.12

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 31st July 2012
  • Did Kate really have to go off?
  • It wasn’t a gun
  • Kate dumps Johan, Johan isn’t bothered
  • What’s Phoebe ever done to God?
  • Delia has a word
  • Kate’s apology falls flat
  • Lucas forgives
  • Phoebe doesn’t want to say goodbye

Did Kate really have to go off?

As Phoebe’s getting ready to leave for the airport, and just as Delia and Michael arrive, Kate heads out.

[Delia] “What’s the matter with the girl, her daughter’s about to fly back to England …”

Kate did have important stuff to do, but surely it could have waited!

It wasn’t a gun

And seems he wasn’t actually a bad taxi man after all.

Lucas reckons the taxi driver was just scared. He didn’t have a gun, and he was genuinely driving an odd route to avoid bad traffic.

Poor man.

Kate dumps Johan, Johan isn’t bothered

Kate left Phoebe, just as Phoebe was getting ready to leave South Africa, to go and see Johan.

For goodness sake!

Even Johan thought that was a bit odd.

[Johan] “I wasn’t expecting to see you today. Your little girl’s going home, ya?”

Kate starts to sound like she’s leaving Lucas for him …

[Johan] “Get real .. My life is not set up for kids and doing the 9 to 5, I thought we were just having a bit of fun here. Can’t we just carry on?”

[Kate] “No, we can’t. You're right it’s not fun anymore.”

Kate ends “it”. There and then. She reckons it should have never started in the first place.

Johan concurs.

[Kate] “You’re not upset?”

[Johan] “Of course, but these things run their course … these things get a bit too complicated.”

Realising that Johan never gave a hoot for her, Kate starts crying.

[Johan] “We had a good time while it lasted.”

Kate then tells Johan she’s also quitting College.

[Kate] “I almost lost my husband and my daughter because of what we did. I can’t ever see you again.”

Well now.

Was Kate about to stay if Johan wanted her?

Or did she intend to dump him and her work from the off?

Either which way, what a bizarre thing to do when your daughter is leaving!

What’s Phoebe ever done to God?

[Desmond Tutu via Delia] “Remember, you don’t choose your family, they are god’s gift to you.”

My word, Phoebe must have done something horrific to make God gift her a Kate!

Delia has a word

Delia takes Kate aside to tell her that she has a very special girl for a daughter.

[Delia] “You’re lucky her father and stepmother brought her up so well.”


Delia gives Kate a bit of a lecture about, though she doesn’t know the ins and out between Kate and Lucas, how being a mother means having to give everything up for her family. Sometimes.

[Kate] “You’re right. You don’t know anything at all!”

(double meow!)

Kate’s apology falls flat

[Kate] “Look, Phoebe, I want to apologise … I just want you to understand, whatever terrible things I've done, none of it, absolutely none of it, has anything to do with how I feel about you … I don’t want to part like this, I’m still your mum, I know I don’t always live up to your expectations …”

[Phoebe] “You can say that again!”

[Kate] “Well, what do you want me to say? I am trying to be better.”

[Phoebe] “It’s not about what you say … don’t you get it mum, you always think you can talk your way out of things, well it’s not good enough this time … try doing the right thing for once.”

Kate was about to start telling Phoebe about why she went out with Johan (good lord – does that woman have no sense?) when, thankfully, Lucas interrupts them.

[Lucas] “You just can’t stop doing it, can you … you can’t make her forgive you.”

Lucas forgives

Kate tells Lucas that he was right about Durban. That it’s a great career opportunity. And a better lifestyle.

[Kate] “All I want now is for you, me and the children to be together, It shouldn’t have taken for this to have happened for me to realise that.”

[Lucas] “I could have listened. More. Much more.”

Kate demands that he must forgive her if they can hope to carry on.


Now, I know Lucas seemed to be a bit of a bully when we first visited with him and Kate in South Africa – but how much can anyone really listen to Kate without going mad?

And the cheeky madam is only now saying that she wants Lucas, Durban and her kids because Johan’s not interested.

On their way to the airport, Phoebe asks Lucas if he’s going to stay with Kate.

[Lucas] “I don’t know. She says she wants to come to Durban, though.”

[Phoebe] “But it's not that simple?”

[Lucas] “No.”

[Phoebe] “Look, I know my mum’s rubbish, She gets stuff in her head and then that’s it, she doesn’t think, she gets carried away, and I know what she did was really bad, but that’s what’s great about her too … In your heart, do you think you can give her a second chance?”

[Lucas] “Yes Phoebe, I think I can.”

Well, more fool him.

Phoebe doesn’t want to say goodbye

Quite literally.

She won’t let Kate come to the airport to say goodbye to her.

[Phoebe] “I don’t want you to.”

[Kate] “I know I'm not the best mum in the world Phoebe, but I do love you, you know that, don’t you?”

[Phoebe] “I know.”


No ‘I love you too mum’ back.

And that’s how they left it.

Ach well. Kate will have forgotten about Phoebe again in a matter of days.

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