Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Beast in the garden, the Beast on the road: Fri 20.07.12

The Archers Friday 20th July 2012
  • Brian wants to talk
  • A lounge with a view
  • Keith’s been found guilty
  • Bunty’s had a fall
  • Jennifer discovers the Beast in her garden
  • Eddie to become a recognised artist?
  • Bust, and then BOOM
  • Hayley’s annoyed with Kate

Brian wants to talk

That’s always worrying.

He forces Adam to sit down and talk to him.

Well, more to listen to him.

He tells him about losing one of their arable suppliers.

[Brian] “Which leaves us with only one option … Home Farm is going to have to be the supplier to the dairy … You can keep the venison and the sheep and the soft fruit, of course.”

[Adam] “Look .. I’m not going there again.”

[Brian] “It’s not up for discussion any longer.”

[Adam] “It’s not going to happen.”

[Brian] “Debbie agrees with me … we’ve looked into all the options, and basically there isn’t any.”

[Adam] “All my hopes for this place, all my ideas, you just want to sweep them away.”

[Brian] “All I want is the best for this business. It’s a family business. I need you to be part of the team.” 
[Adam] “Oh come on, it's a land grab. You and Debbie are taking over the farm and never mind what it does to me!”

Jennifer tried to suggest they could only use half of the land Brian needs from Home Farm, but he’s not interested.

Doesn’t Adam have a legal right to be consulted about the use of Home Farm land?

Maybe not.

If not, he’d be far better off elsewhere.

A lounge with a view

Eddie and Joe are at Home Farm, putting Ruairi’s dog statue on its plinth.

Ruairi told them to put it near the swimming pool, which they duly do. And they also made sure it could be seen from the house.

[Joe] “Nice to give them the benefit when they’re sitting in their lounge.”

Eddie kids around that he fancies taking a swim first.

[Eddie] “Maybe I’ll strip off and go in for 5 minutes.”

[Joe] “Madam Aldridge comes back with her la de da friends, that I’d like to see!”

Which gets Eddie pondering.

The Aldridges do have rather well connected friends.

Maybe he should also put a sign up saying ‘sculpture by E Grundy’.

Well, it is now going to be a very prominent feature of the Home Farm garden from now on.

Keith’s been found guilty

By Adam and David’s clan, it would seem.

[Adam] “Incredible aren’t they, that family.”

[David] “I must say, we’re all very relieved.”

Though they both agree that they shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions, that’s exactly what they are doing, They’re bath talking like it’s all over.

[Adam] "I won’t forget what you did. What you’ve had to go through, all of you. You’ve been rock solid.”

[David] “Well you know, anytime. Hey, we’re all alive.”

Have the forgotten it’s a gang that was after them?

Keith Horrobin may be many things, but he’s most definitely only one man.

And whether he was the man who’d been terrorising them on behalf of the gang has yet to be confirmed.

Bunty’s had a fall

Oh dear. Hope she’s okay.

(Bunty was the mum of Shula’s husband Mark)

Jennifer discovers the Beast in her garden

Hayley was round to Jennifer’s to see if she’d heard of any specific dates for Phoebe to return.


[Jennifer] “What in earth is that in the garden!”

When they go out to see it.

[Hayley] “Actually, I think it’s rather good. It’s got a lot of character.”

[Jennifer] “Oh, do you think so. To me it’s got a rather nasty sort of leer …The thought of having to stare out at this every day.”

(Brian joins them)

[Jennifer] “I blame Lilian for this. The ridiculous amount of money she had to pay him … I’m beginning to wonder if this has all been a put up job … he’s getting very devious, this son of yours.”

[Brian] “If it amuses him, where’s the problem … (once Ruairi bores of it) we can ship it off quietly behind the garage.”

Eddie to become a recognised artist?

Eddie’s plan to have Jennifer’s friends desperate to buy his ‘art’ might come true after all.

As Jennifer was worrying about what people will say when they spot the Beast from the terrace:

[Brian] “Spin them a line about getting into naïve art, the investment potential and so on, they’ll all what to go out and get one.”

Bust, and then BOOM

Eddie and Joe haven’t had a good week.

They sold the dog to Ruairi, but discounted.

And they sold two monsters, but as a  BOGOF.

[Eddie] “We’ll go bust at this rate.”

[Joe] “That lot wouldn’t know a bargain if it jumped into their recycled shopping bag.”

Then Joe shouts out as Eddie hits something (they’re in his van).

[Eddie] “Bloomin’ eck, where the hell did he come from.”

[Joe] “A bad week just got a lot worse.”

They’d hot a boar. A rather large boar. Which they reckon will be hard to explain on their insurance forms.

[Joe] “Don’t suppose they get a lot of wild boar suicides … You know what you just done, don’t you. You killed the beat. It’s going to be the end of your monsters … there ain't no mystery beast no more.” 
[Eddie] “Unless, who’s to say this is the Best of Ambridge … it came screaming out of the wood like a bat out of hell, like summit had scared it half to death … Play our cards right we have our cake and eat it too.”


Another Grundy scam ahoy.

Oh joy.

Hayley’s annoyed with Kate

Nothing unusual there, but it’ll explode if Kate isn’t more forthcoming soon.

Hayley has no idea of when Phoebe will be coming home.

And when she called to talk to Phoebe tonight, at a time they’d all arranged, Phoebe was out. Kate couldn’t say when she’d be back.

Sensing something’s not quite right, Hayley did ask if everyone was okay, but Kate didn’t say anything useful.

I can foresee Hayley getting on a  flight to South Africa very soon …


caroline_venezia said...

We don't at all like this business of being made to feel sorry for Emma and that she's in the right! Mind you, why is Tracey so bothered about Keith? I'd got the impression she's normally only concerned about herself (pretty much like Emma). Just the Horrobin Code of Honour, is it, do you think? :-)

I don't understand Adam's position at all, either - he's being treated as if he's just an employee, isn't he?

Btw, we'd been unaware of the return of Ambridge Extra, so double thanks at the moment!

Inga McVicar said...

Ah - no worries about Ambridge Extra. Though kate features heavily, so not sure how much you'll be thanking me after listening!

Tracey is very much about the code, family and the like. Though why she picks so heavily on Emma is anyone's guess ... mind you, in normal situations, Emma would deserve it!

Adam is technically a partner at Home Farm (I think). Brian owns it, but it's a 'family' business. Hmmm.