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Vicky’s pregnant! Oh blimey: Fri 27.07.12

The Archers Friday 27th July 2012
  • Adam makes a decision, Ian shouts!
  • Brenda says sorry
  • Vicky is far from menopausal …
  • Brenda’s surprising reaction
  • Jazzer’s determined
  • What a drama over performance art
  • Shula’s poached Freddie
  • Phoebe’s fine, so Lucas can’t be dead?

Adam makes a decision, Ian shouts!

We started tonight’s eavesdropping episode with Brian having to do something Brian doesn’t like to do.


[Brian] “You’re obviously take it to the wire … please call me.”

Ian’s also trying to hunt down Adam. He wants to see if Adam has made his mind up, and also to know when he’ll be talking to Brian.

Ian calls Adam to check if made mind up and when talking to Brian. But also doesn’t get to speak to him.

Adam eventually turns up at Brian’s, quite late in the day.

Before he can say anything, Brian starts nagging.

[Brian] “Please don’t take this the wrong way …”

BUT a passing mention of “bedraggled” looking calves. And a fence that needs to be fixed.

[Brian, pompously] “I hope you don’t mind me reminding you.”

[Adam, sarcastically] “It’s nice of you to take an interest.”

And Brian keeps on. About how he supposes Adam isn’t up to much, but as he’s waiting for the harvest to start, he supposes it’s easy for Adam to slip  up …

[Adam] “Brian, for goodness sake, what do you think I’ve been doing all day. Sitting in the tractor shed reading brochures from machinery companies? You may remember my telling you that fencing wasn’t just the sort you can patch!”

Actually, Brian. Adam had to wait for a specialist supplier. And he’s late tonight as he was out there fixing it, with Jeff.

[Brian, not remotely humbled] “I knew you’d be on the case.”

[Adam] “But you thought you’d just pick me up on it … Well don’t worry, as it happens it makes things easier … I’m here in response to your ultimatum … I thought this might be a difficult conversation, but do you know what, it won’t be difficult at all.”

I think we all knew what was coming next …

… actually, I certainly didn’t.

Adam had told Brian ‘no’. But Ian’s reaction was not what we’ve come to expect of our lovely Mr Craig.

[Ian] “So have you made up your mind?”

[Adam] “I’ve just been to see Brian. I’ve told him, I won’t be working on the new crops for the new dairy … I’m out of the arable at home farm. I think he was shocked to be honest.”

[Ian] “He was shocked!”

[Adam] “Didn’t think I had the nerve!”

[Ian] “Adam, so you’re telling me that you’ve made up your mind and committed yourself to something that’s going to change our lives completely … without a single word to me … well thanks, did you give me a second thought?”

[Adam] “Well. I thought you knew how I felt.”

[Ian] “Well whether I did or not, why didn’t you talk it through with me first?”

[Adam] “Well I’ve done it now!”

[Ian] “Great, and we’ve both got to live with the consequences.”


Trouble in paradise.

Brenda says sorry

What, what, what???

Brenda apologising?

Well, I never.

[Brenda] “Vicky, I’m sorry. I went too far and I really didn’t mean to … I don’t think I’ve been very fair on you recently. What I said about mum. It just slipped out. I honestly didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

Vicky tells her the dress has gone back to the shop.

[Vicky] “You were probably right anyway. Never mind about the dress …”

Indeed. Vicky has other thoughts on her mind. Rather stunning news, actually.

Vicky is far from menopausal …

[Vicky] “I’ve some news, and it’s left me a bit stunned.”

(told you!)

[Vicky] “I’ve had a big shock Brenda. How I’m going to break the news to Mike, I’ve got no idea.”

She’s pregnant! Which wasn’t remotely planned.

[Vicky] “I thought I was well passed all that.”

[Brenda] “How do you feel about that?”

[Vicky] “Oh Brenda. There’s a little tiny bit of me that’s so excited I can’t tell you, but then, I just feel numb really. I don’t know what to think.”

[Brenda] “Well it’s a shock. When you going to tell dad?”

Vicky’s decided to wait until he gets back from his woodland course. Better face to face.

[Vicky] “What a welcome home … I just don’t know how he’s going to react Brenda, I can’t imagine he’ll jump for joy … There’s no way I could cope on me own with a little one, that I’m sure of … I’m going to have to …”

[Brenda] “You can’t!”

[Vicky] “I can’t even bear the thought of it … I don’t see I’ll have any choice. Mike’s done all of that, he’s got you and Roy, he’s over 60 … it all adds up against me, don’t you think?”

[Brenda] “Vicky, you haven’t even spoken to him yet.”

Brenda’s right. Vicky needs to talk to Mike before jumping to any conclusions about what’s next.

[Brenda] “What a shock, eh!”

[Vicky] “Brenda, thank you,. I’m so glad you called when you did.”

[Brenda] “Vicky, if it was just you, if you didn’t have to worry about dad’s reaction … how would you feel then?”

[Vicky] “I wanted a baby so much when I was younger … my little baby. You gotta promise me one thing though …”

And Brenda does. She promises not to say a word.

Phew! My. Giddy. Aunt.

I’d first guessed Vicky was pregnant, but fell for the red herring of her ‘just’ being menopausal.

What a turn up! I’d hope Mike will be his usual fair self … once he calms down, and after a few pints.

Brenda’s surprising reaction

I was obliviously taken aback by Vicky announcement.

But it was a tad overshadowed by Brenda’s reaction.

I’d predicted Brenda would do her nut if Vicky was pregnant.

But, she was the exact opposite.

Brenda was caring. She listened. And she gave Vicky comfort.

What, what, what???

I might even start to not despise her …

Jazzer’s determined

And once he’s made his mind up …

Jolene was telling Kenton that Jazzer’s doing “intense lobbying” to get time off from work. Mike’s so far holding firm.

[Kenton] “Well, my money’s on the Scotsman.”

As Jolene said, Fallon will be furious if Jazzer succeeds. Her camper is so small, it does sound like three will be a rather intimate crowd.

What a drama over performance art

[Roy] “What on earth's going on out there? There’s someone doing Summer Fall on the church tower, and a heart broken woman sobbing on the village green.”

[Kenton] “Ah, well that’ll be the theatre group. Did you notice anyone trying to sabotage it?  It’ll only be a matter of time. Rumour has it the Octogenarians of the village have had enough.”

Ah – I’d wondered when the revolution, led by Jim, would begin. All because the performance art is not very Ambridge.

[Kenton] “It’s a creative exploration of creative communication between lost souls, apparently.”

Jolene isn’t finding it funny. She really has taken against the actors.

[Jolene] “I can’t imagine why anyone would be pleased to have them back in again.”

[Kenton] “Well it’s business.”

[Jolene] “That’s the sort of business we can do without. Last time they came in, they offended half the regulars.”

[Kenton] “Be fair though, the other half had a great time!”

Later on, Lynda isn’t a happy bunny. Something’s gone badly wrong.

[Kenton] “Something about Seth wanting to introduce some totally new scenes … so Lynda got involved, in spite herself.”

So the actors have decamped from disrespecting St. Stephen’s and the village green to The Bull. To discuss.

[Jolene] “Oh poor Lynda. Perhaps you should go and have a word with her … back her up a bit.”

Kenton didn’t go over, and it all got far worse for Lynda:

[Kenton] “I was right, the whole thing seems to have fallen apart. The production’s off, they’ve pulled the plug on it … the prat in the Cheesecloth, Seth, or whatever he calls himself. The Ambridge Renaissance has been postponed … Apparently there was a bit of subversion from our older villagers as well. Serious stuff. Loud conversations on the village green, laughter at inappropriate moments. Very tasteful but tasteful resistance.”

(Jolene’s snort of laughter at that was rather marvellous!)

[Jolene] “Poor Lynda. She thought it was marvellous.”

[Kenton] “I do feel guilty … I just can’t stand the pretentious twaddle you get from that lot! … Anyway, I’ve told her the whole village is looking forward to her other cultural stuff.”

Which seemingly cheered Lynda up a fair bit.

Jolene then chucked the actors out.

Performance art in Ambridge.

That was short lived, then.

Shula’s poached Freddie

The Fete games seem to be getting overtly competitive already:

[Roy] “Very controversial, Shula’s poached Freddie for the Stables team.”

[Kenton] “Ooh!”

But Elizabeth’s fine about it.

[Kenton] “All in the right spirit then.”

(hang on … isn’t Freddie not very well endowed in the sporting department? I thought he was only good at horses?)

Phoebe’s fine, so Lucas can’t be dead?

Kate called Roy to tell her what had happened to Phoebe (which was yesterday in Ambridge Extra. Or today. Or tomorrow. Who can tell!).

[Roy] “Some sort in incident in a taxi … my god, when I think about it … something about a taxi forever getting aggressive … she wasn’t hurt, thank goodness … she’s badly shaken though … now she can’t wait to get home … it’s Kate I blame, what was Phoebe doing on her own in a taxi in the first place?!?”

So, Phoebe’s coming home on Tuesday.

Roy is glad.

Question is  - did anyone get shot?

Or Kate just neglect to mention the use of firearms to Roy?


caroline_venezia said...

I reckon Mike will be thrilled and Brenda will soon drop the pretence at being a caring person and be back to her usual nasty selfish self. She'll have her inheritance to worry about! Actually, do you remember what happened, when Mike married Vicky, to the plan for Brenda to inherit Mike's section of Willow Farm? I don't. Was it still supposed to happen, and will it be in doubt again now?

Anonymous said...

I think that Adam is selfish, precious and arrogant..thus sharing many of the character traits of his stepfather with whom he doesn't get on. He should not tell Ian about his one night stand with Pavel, but needs to spend a bit more time with Pavel explaining what happened and doubt Pavel feels very used and abused by his boss, Adam.