Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lucas is shot?: Thurs 26.07.12

Ambridge Extra Thursday 26th July 2012
  • It’s the same night as before
  • It’s Lucas’ fault Kate had an affair
  •  “I’m from a little village called Ambridge, In Borsetshire … don’t worry, nobody’s ever heard of it.”
  • Taxi man – I really didn’t like that

It’s the same night as before

Very confusing.

It’s still Tuesday.

Though I suppose Tuesday could actually have been today.

And Hayley called, which happened in Ambridge on Friday 20th.

Brian freeze!

It’s Lucas’ fault Kate had an affair

Lucas makes Kate admit that her car was at the College when it was wrecked.

[Kate] “I remember now, I went over to pick up some course work, and then I went to Kimy’s.”

(what a rubbish liar Kate is. Surprising, considering the years of practise she has)

[Lucas] “It’s Johan isn’t it. Just admit it. That’s who you were with. It’s why you’re so against coming to Durban with me. You want to be with your lover … come on, at least do me the respect of telling me the truth!”

(they’re interrupted by Hayley calling. Which was actually last Friday. Hmmm)

When Kate gets off the phone from lying to Hayley (that Phoebe’s safe at home):

[Lucas] “Butter wouldn’t melt eh, well you convinced me.”

Kate accepts the inevitable and accepts that she has been cheating. But, she claims she doesn’t know how long it’s been going on (!!!). Lucas twigs that it must have been happening when Johan was at his parents’ house the other week.

[Lucas] “Was it some kind of thrill for you, like you were getting away with it?!?”

Lucas reckons he’s given everything to Kate. A home. Family. Taken her away from Britain, which she claims she hates.

[Kate] “What? you’ve given me!”

[Lucas] “Nothing’s ever good enough for you, is it?”

[Kate] “And what? I’m supposed to be grateful and obey?”

[Lucas] “You didn’t have to go off and screw somebody else!”

[Kate] “Can you blame me? It’s not like I get any affection from you. Well I don’t! Have you listened to yourself recently. All you care about is Durban and your work!”

Kate that claims she only ever thinks of her children. That she’s devoted to them (!). She also claims her work is of world importance.

[Lucas] “You’re such a hypocrite. The way you bang on.”

[Kate] “I’m making a difference.”

[Lucas] “Oh yes, you're a saint, not a spoilt little rich girl at all.”

[Kate] “My life revolves around you and the kids, I’m the one who’s got to fit in, You’ve got the whole family around you … my friends are your friends … I’m only telling you how I feel … Johan actually values who I am … for the first time I’m really achieving something, and he makes me believe in myself.”

Lucas asks what she was planning. Was she going to stay in Johannesburg? With the kids? And Johan?

[Kate] “I don’t know. I’ve never abandon them, I couldn’t do that again.”

Kate reckons it was just one quick fling.

[Lucas] “Did you ever think about us? It’s not as if Johan is the type to stick around … are you in love with him … or just the sex then?”

[Kate] “He was kind to me, that’s all. He was kind when you weren’t … I admit, I’ve been stupid and careless. You know what I’m like. But I never meant for any of this to happen.”

[Lucas] “But it has.”

So it has indeed.

So, Kate. On a flight. Back to Ambridge. Soon?

(*sigh* I’d far rather she stayed away)

“I’m from a little village called Ambridge, In Borsetshire … don’t worry, nobody’s ever heard of it.”

Sounds like Phoebe hasn’t been told about the secret microphones yet …

Taxi man – I really didn’t like that

We were worried about Phoebe getting into that taxi.

And we were quite right too.

Though the very dodgy taxi man was shocked when phoebe told him she was only 14, he went on to say:

[Taxi driver] “The boys in your class, they must like you … very pretty, very nice. Did you hear me? You are a beautiful young woman.”

Oh, that’s just creepy and ever (ever) so wrong.

He asks Phoebe where her parents are.

[Taxi driver] “Do they know you’re out on their own? It’s very dangerous.”

He then decides to drive her a “quicker” way to Mandisa’s house.

(horrible, horrible, horrible)

We later hear Kate answering the phone to Mandisa, who tells her that Phoebe hasn’t arrived.

Kate and Lucas realise something is amiss. Though Kate could have avoided all of this if she’d called Lucas about Phoebe storming off, rather than trying to get hold of Johan …

Phoebe then texts to say she is in trouble. Lucas takes control. He tells Kate to stay put, and keep texting with Kate, while she and he talk on the landline as he tries to find her.

Thank goodness for that! The Taxi driver was taking yet another wrong turn, this time away from a road blocked by the Police. He also tells Phoebe:

[Taxi driver] “I have protection … under my seat,. People know not to mess with me, or next thing, they’re in hospital.”

Oh sh*te.

Think we all guessed what’s coming next (not Phoebe though. She thought the taxi man was saying he had a baseball bat).

As Lucas tries to find Phoebe:

[Kate] “I’m so sorry, this is all my fault … I didn’t want to lose either of you.”

[Lucas] “Look that’s not important now!”

(quite right Lucas. Even when her daughter is in danger, Kate’s just Kate, Kate, Kate)

Phoebe’s text lead Lucas to him. As he runs across traffic to get to her, she manages to get out of the car.

[Taxi driver] “She tried to rob me!”


We then hear everything from the secret microphone next to Kate. She’s still on and landline, and can hear Phoebe screaming, Lucas and the taxi driver shouting.



And the phone goes dead.

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