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At least Ed believes: Wed 25.07.12

The Archers Wednesday 25th July 2012
  • The difference between a chef and a farmer …
  • Adam’s still undecided
  • Ian ‘likes’ Pavel?
  • Pavel disagrees with the Super Dairy
  • England: a safe haven for gay men
  • Keira left her fluffy pig
  • Emma’s only got Ed
  • Adam to leave Ambridge?

The difference between a chef and a farmer …

Adam spotted a deer with a dodgy leg.

[Ian] “All I see is a dozen acres of venison on legs. Guess that’s why I'm a chef and not a farmer.”

Adam’s still undecided

Adam’s refusing to be rushed,  or harassed, about making his decision whether to support Home Farm growing arable for the Super Dairy.

He reckons that if he gives way to Brian and Debbie this time, he’ll be pushed around forever.

Ian seems to be on Brian and Debbie’s side, to an extent. He doesn’t see what difference it makes to Adam where the crop goes once it’s been grown. Growing a crop is growing a crop.

[Adam] “It would be like me saying to you cooking’s just cooking. I may still be growing crops, but what they’re grown for makes a difference.”

Ian ‘likes’ Pavel?

Ian suggest to Adam they meet up for pint later on.

What a surprise … that fruit picker Pavel was there again. Ian did seem to really enjoy his company the other week …

Pavel’s also passionate about food.

Proper food.

Food grown on proper farms. Not industrial units.

When Adam comes back from getting another round in:

[Pavel ] “Perhaps you’d like me to go away?”

No! Not Ian.

Pavel disagrees with the Super Dairy

[Pavel] “You produce it, he prepares it. You make a pretty good team.”

Well, sometimes. Cracks seem to be appearing over the Super Dairy. Though Pavel seems to agree with Adam’s side of the ‘discussion’.

[Pavel] “Agri business always wins in the end … proper food. If everyone demanded good food, they’d be no agri business.”

Tad simplistic, but I take Pavel’s point.

England: a safe haven for gay men

Who’d have thunk it.

[Pavel] “That would be very unusual in my county. You and Ian. Living like you do.”

Keira left her fluffy pig

At Brookfield.

Lucky Ed was over there fixing their quad bike.

She wouldn’t have got to sleep otherwise.

Keira not sleeping might have sent Emma over the edge.

Emma’s only got Ed

Ruth and David seem to be uncomfortable about Emma being definite that Keith was the arsonist.

They’re worried that the Police only seem to now be hunting down “one line of enquiry.”

[Emma] “Not even mu own mum, believes me. David, Ruth, everyone’s saying, are you sure, are you sure … Emma must have got it wrong, that’s what they all think … what if I have Ed, what if I’ve done that to uncle Keith and it was nothing to do with him. He’s always been so lovely to me. I can hardly believe it myself. But I did see him Ed, I did. I did. But I keep thinking … should I just ring again, tell them I wasn’t right, I’d got it wrong?”

After nearly convincing herself she could have been wrong, Ed convinces her that she was right.

[Ed] “I believe you Emma … and if Keith did that, if he pit all our lives at risk, then he’s got to face up to what he did … he needs banging up Em, and that’s all there’s to it.”

Adam to leave Ambridge?

Seems increasingly likely to me.

He’s between Brian and a hard place.

[Adam] “When did Brian ever compromise for me?”

Ian’s not sure Adam is being fair to Brian. Adam’s definite Brian’s not being fair to him. His chat with Pavel gave him more than food for thought:

[Adam] “I like his vision. It’s like the way I used to feel in Africa … I sometimes wish I was back in that world.”

What’s Adam’s options?

He stays, and has a tiny bit of Home Farm to work the way he wants to. While the Super Dairy usurps the rest.

Or go, and have the working life he craves.

Question is, would Ian go with him?

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