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Phoebe wants Ambridge: Tues 24.07.12

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 24th July 2012
  • Phoebe got away with being drunk
  • What a rubbish lie from Kate
  • Phoebe’s finally got the measure of Kate
  • Kate’s moving, whether she likes it or not
  • Phoebe gives Kate hell
  • Now Lucas knows the truth
  • Johan’s gone to ground
  • Surely Phoebe will be okay?

Phoebe got away with being drunk

She’s only 14!

But Kate and Lucas were too busy arguing about Kate’s rather knackered car to take Phoebe to task.


(of them, not her)

Though Lucas has spotted that Phoebe might need a bit more discipline in her life, Kate’s preoccupied. As per.

[Kate] “I guess the hormones must have started kicking in.”

(well, yes. That. And her mum’s a floozy)

What a rubbish lie from Kate

One would be quite right in assuming Kate would be good at lying. Second nature, as it were.

But her excuse about the car being smashed was that she left it outside a friend’s house (in somewhere called Greenside), rather than outside the University. And she didn’t call the Police because she was scared.

[Lucas] “It’s so strange, thieves normally steal cars, not wreck them.”

Surely Kate is just trying to cover up for her daughter? Knowing Lucas can be a bit strict, she’s looking after Phoebe.


Kate just doesn’t want Lucas to ask questions about what she was doing at the University, so late at night.

Phoebe’s finally got the measure of Kate

 [Phoebe] “Mandisa, I’m telling you, my mum’s nothing but a liar … How could she do it though, she’s gross … I mean, everything I thought I knew about her … when she left me when I was a baby, she always used to tell me how it was the hardest thing she ever did, about how she was young and confused, and things were really nasty with dad. But it’s not true, is it?”

Phoebe’s starting to realise that Kate thinks only of Kate. And she’ll leave Sipho and Nolly just as she left Phoebe.

[Phoebe] “She doesn’t care about anyone expect herself.”

Kate’s moving, whether she likes it or not

Lucas’ plan of attack to Kate refusing to move is to just get on with it. He’s made arrangements to rent their house, and even has Kate calling the moving people (despite herself).

[Lucas] “Kate, if you can just try and accept we’re moving, you might come to like the idea. … I don’t get it … there’s nothing you’re during here that you can’t do there.”


Methinks Kate is only thinking about doing Johan.

Phoebe gives Kate hell

[Phoebe] “I don’t want to be anything like you … your pots are cack anyway … you could see anything laughing. (Michael) felt sorry for you.”

[Kate] “Did something happen last night?”

[Phoebe] “You should know, you were there … you were with him … just stop lying.”

Phoebe tells Kate that she has seen the emails from (and to) Johan. Kate claims that they were flirting, but that was all. And it’s personal. Phoebe tells her she knows that she was abandoned in the shopping centre because Kate was going to Johan not, as she claimed, her friend in the hospital.

[Phoebe] “You don’t care, you don’t care about any of us?”

[Kate] “Of course I care … It’s not about you.”

[Phoebe] “Hayley’s right … You’re nothing but selfish.”

[Kate] “Sometimes everybody slips up.”

[Phoebe] “No mum they don’t. Not everyone always has to put themselves first.”

[Kate] “Well I hope your relationships are so perfect … I’m sorry, I didn’t mean …”

[Phoebe] “I want to go home, to Ambridge.”

Phoebe tells Kate that it was she who’d wrecked her car.

[Phoebe] “So go on then, get mad., I was just doing whatever I liked …Don’t you get it, I don’t want you anywhere near me. You’re full of it!”

And Phoebe stormed off.

Now Lucas knows the truth

Michael told Lucas that Kate’s car was at the University. Not at her friends. He’d seen it there himself.

[Michael] “I noticed because she was parked next to Johan …I could be wrong, but I have eyes. I hear stories. And I know that man …I don’t want to accuse anybody, but I told him off.”

When Lucas later comes back home, he demands to know who Kate was just about to call.

Looks like eh penny has finally dropped for him, as well.

Johan’s gone to ground

He’s not answering Kate’s calls.

Sensible chap.

Surely Phoebe will be okay?

As Phoebe stormed off, Kate couldn’t follow her as their younger kids were inside.

But, it’s dark. Phoebe’s only 14. And she’s out alone (again).

But this time she’s looking for a taxi.

One draws up, and she tells him where she wants to go.

[Taxi driver] “Are you sure, I can take you anywhere.”

What do we do if a taxi driver says something like that?

We don’t. Get. In. The. Car.

But Phoebe does.

And that’s where we left her.

Oh dear.

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