Tuesday, 3 July 2012

We’re in South Africa!: Ambridge Extra Tues 03.07.12

(amazed the BBC had the budget to send the secret microphones over there)

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 3rd July 2012
  • Took me a whole to realise who was talking
  • Lucas is a bad ‘un?
  • It’s dangerous after dark
  • Kate has a bit on the side?

Took me a whole to realise who was talking

[Kate] “Blueberry, pistachio then tooty fruity.”

[Phoebe] “Number’s three got to be chocolate chip, beats tooty fruity mum, you’re just so 20th century!”

It wasn’t until they mentioned Melville, then Johannesburg, that I worked out who was talking.

Hope they don’t keep up the habit of not mentioning each other by name when they talk near the hidden microphones. How would a new eavesdropper cope?

Lucas is a bad ‘un?

When Kate and Phoebe got in from their shopping and ice cream, the first thing Lucas says is:

[Lucas] “Well I could use a drink, if you’re standing there … wait, wait my watch, there on the side, can you bring it … no no, other wrist, And how about that drink, uh …”

What what what?!?!?

Not only did Lucas speak like that to Kate.

Kate actually did his bidding without complaint.

I’d almost believe her horrible behaviour back in Ambridge is due to being bullied at home.

That she’s always been like that is too established to believe otherwise.


For the first time ever, I did feel a twinge of something other than just pure fury towards Kate.

Lucas then tells Kate he wants them all to move to Durban. Seems he’s feels his career as a journalist has gone nowhere in the last ten years, so a move to Durban for a more senior job will be his last real chance. Has way through telling (no discussing or talking, mind):

[Lucas] “Hey. Get me another one of those and please, no ice this time.”

(and she does)

Though Kate makes mention of a new projects she’s just starting:

[Lucas] “You can work anywhere.”

(and a wee taste of the life Kate has been accustomed – they’d be able to get a full time nanny rather than ‘just’ a part time maid to look after the kids … hark then!)

Lucas wants the better job, a bigger house and more money. And it doesn’t matter if his family is settled. And that they already moved from Capetown to Johannesburg.

Sound like what Lucas wants, Lucas gets.

Even when Kate tells him their boy Sipho is ill, all Lucas can say is that he hopes he doesn’t get it.

It’s dangerous after dark

On her way out to meet her mates, Phoebe was waylaid by a rather dubious man. He thought she was a tourist at first. The get ever more ‘friendly’ when she told him she is a local.

[Rather dubious man] “… well okay, if you’re looking for a fun time, I know this really sick party tonight … some real action, you know what I’m saying … I can take you there now.”

Phoebe quite sensibly speeds off to her mates.

Later on, through one of Phoebe’s friends (Mervin) drives her home, Phoebe makes him stop early so she has to walk the last of it. In the dark.

That’s because she doesn’t think Lucas will be too please about her being late, in a ‘cool’ care, driven by a College aged chap.

[Phoebe] “Well, my stepdad, he’s quite strict you know. He can come on heavy sometimes.”

(she Lucas is a bad ‘un)

When Phoebe gets out of the car and starts walking, that rather dubious man is there again.

[Rather dubious man] “Well, well well. It’s the cute English lady, all out on her own again … why don’t you let me know after you.”

The rather dubious man mentioned somebody about how Phoebe should watch out for folks trying to steal her “turkeys” (I know it wasn’t turnkeys, but that’s what it sounded like. Phoebe also said it, and it still sounded like turkeys).

[Rather dubious man] “Smart girl eh, think she’s smarter than the rest of us. Smart girl, in a smart home in a smart neighbourhood …”

Phoebe gets her phone out to show him she’s calling her parents, but he wants to “take a look” at her phone.

Just as it looks like it’s about to turn nasty for Phoebe, Lucas comes out looking for her.

[Lucas] “I’m talking my daughter inside now!”

(the rather dubious man laughs at Lucas for calling Phoebe his daughter …)

[Rather dubious man] “… that’s one tasty little stepdaughter you’ve got. You should take good care of her …”

When Lucas gets Phoebe away from the rather dubious man, he talks very reasonably and calmly to Phoebe:

[Lucas] “You know there are plenty of people who get mugged out there by idiots.”


So Lucas may not be a bad ‘un after all.

Kate has a bit on the side?

Kate was talking on the phone to someone about Lucas.

[Kate] “It’s like he’s turned into another guy. Someone I don’t even know.”

Sounds like the person Kate is talking to is someone she trusts and like.

Kate also mentioned that she shouldn’t be “dumping” on them as it’s “not professional” of her. And she called this person “kind and sweet”.

Well, well.

I couldn’t catch what the names of the other person was, so no idea if male or female (actually, would that even matter to Kate), but it sounded a tad suspicious …


djbethell said...

Horrendous acting all round!

Inga McVicar said...

Acting? The Archers Are Real ...

BUT yes. They don't sound their usual quality self in SA