Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The day of the Brookfield Barn Fire: Thurs 12.07.12

The Archers Thursday 12th July 2012
  • Confused?
  • Josh is a hero
  • Who is David kidding?
  • George had a marvellous time!
  • Clever Jeena
  • Will Emma testify?


I was at first.

The day before was the barn fire – but they were still at a burning barn today.

It had me thinking about was about to alter time back and forth like Ambridge Extra does (did?).

But phew!

I realised that the barn had gone on fire in the wee hours yesterday. So we were hearing those wee hours, as it was still today.

If that makes sense (?!?)

Josh is a hero

Josh and George were found safe


They were found together. Josh had promised George he’d wake him up with Jeena starting calving. So Josh did, then kept George safe during the fire.

In fact, Josh and George got Jeena away from the fire. Then Josh let the dogs loose so that they’d wake everyone else up.

That lad’ll go far. Quick thinking indeed.

Who is David kidding?

David seems to think the barn fire might be because of something carried on the wind. A Chinese Lantern, or the like.

[David] “I dunno. These things happen.”

Oh come on David!

What’s it going to take, David?!?

George had a marvellous time!

[George] “Yay, the fire engine!”

Poor Ben was stuck back in the house looking after Keira during the fire. The fire engines. And the Police arriving.

But George even got to sit in the truck.

[Emma] “All just a  big adventure to them.”

[George] “This is the best night of my entire life!”

Clever Jeena

Ruth and Josh rushed back to Jeena as, though she had started, she had run into problems which Josh couldn’t handle himself.

Ruth said the calf had elbow lock. She pushed it back in, straightened it out, and:

[Josh] “Oh yes! Two legs!!!”

[Ruth] “And the reflex?”

[Josh] “It's sucking my fingers.”

And it’s a girl!

Clever Jeena indeedy.

Her calf is to be called Georgina (instead of Jessie J).

Will Emma testify?

Even David couldn’t ignore the fact that the Police found petrol at the fire site.

Well, he did try.

But Emma spoke up.

[Emma] “Well I know. I know someone started it. I saw him. I saw him running away across the field.”

She even described how he tripped.

But then, couldn’t remember much more.

[Emma] “Average, maybe a bit thick set ... I’m so sorry David, I wish I could be more help.”

Could Emma be of more help?

Is she telling everything she saw? Or, holding back so that the gang doesn’t target her and her family …?


caroline_venezia said...

Weren't you surprised nobody gave Josh a row for getting George out in the middle of the night, without his parents knowing?

How did he get him up anyway? Do we assume George's room is on the ground floor & Josh tapped on the window? Or would it be a text nowadays? :-)

Inga McVicar said...

Actually, you're quite right. I suppose they were all too glad to find George.

My money would be on text. Though how a text could wake a sleeping child, I don't know.