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Jill makes David see sense: Tues 26.06.12

The Archers Tuesday 26th June 2012
  • They should have told Jill
  • Jennifer has really (really) good cheese
  • Brian’s already cheating with the Super Dairy
  • It’s Adam’s fault Brian is busy
  • There’s that cheese again
  • David and Ruth make friends again

They should have told Jill

Jill mentioned to Adam that she couldn’t get through to Pip’s mobile.

Not only did they not think to tell Jill that Pip’s number has changed, they also haven’t told her why.

So when Jill is round to see Ruth:

[Ruth] “Please don’t worry Jill … we’re all okay, but … They’re not going to stop until they get what they want … I want to get the children away, get them safe.”

[Jill] “Course you do.”

So Jill immediately sides with Ruth’s point of view. And suggests the kids can stay at hers.

[Ruth] “Ideally we need to get the children out of Borchester.”

So, Ruth’s mum is the next choice.

(though if the gang can get Pip’s mobile number, surely they can work out where their immediate family lives?)

After her chat with Ruth, Jill seeks out David.

[David] “What’s the matter?”

[Jill] “Ruth, in a terrible state”

[David] “Please, mum, the last thing I need is a lecture.”

[Jill] “Ruth at the end of her ether. And truth be told, so are you … you need to listen to her. You’re asking too much … you must see that if you carry on like this, you’ll make yourself ill, or worse … you’ve got to take in what she’s saying”

Jennifer has really (really) good cheese

Brian’s ignoring Jennifer yet again.

She mentioned that Matt and Lilian were going to go to the Game Fair. She and Brian also normally go.

[Brian] “I’ll doubt I’ll have the time. Can’t you tag along with them?”

Tag? Tag???

What a cheek.

But Jennifer didn’t correct him.

Jennifer mentioned to Brian that she had some lovely cheese, and also ham, in if Brian wanted lunch. But Brian’s seemingly seeing a chap called Roger White (see section below).

Brian’s already cheating with the Super Dairy

Roger White is a Dairy Unit developer. Brian’s seeing him today to walk the site.

Trouble is, Mr White is one of many developers who will be tendering for the Super Dairy contract.

[Jennifer] “So you're giving him an unfair advantage … I want him to be a shoe in on Friday’s meeting … I want someone I can rely on, someone on my wave length.”


And someone who might give Brian a wee back hander, I’d bet.

It’s Adam’s fault Brian is busy

[Brian] “I’m still trying to catch up from the time we lost with Adam”

[Jennifer] “He didn’t ask to be hit on the head!”

[Brian] “No of course not, but the resulting delay hadn’t gone down well.”

Seems Brian can foresee problems with the BL Board.

Though he’d be best served to not finally stir Jennifer to fury by blaming her son being attacked.

There’s that cheese again

Jennifer calls Adam, but he’s busy with the pickers.

Also, Brian earlier had told Adam to call round prospective employees after a new one they’d chosen to help with the harvest called off (he’d broken his collar bone). Brian was too busy to deal with it himself.

Adam tells Jennifer that his check-up at the hospital went well, but that he doesn’t have time to talk to her, or to have lunch.

She then tells him the bad news that the planned picker outing to the Tree Tops Adventure has to be cancelled. The Tree Tops Adventure has to be closed for a few weeks.

[Jennifer] “I reckon there’s been an accident of some sort, you know, health and safety … You've got to get something to eat, we’ve got some delicious cheese!”

Adam hangs up to crack on with things. Though I wouldn’t imagine the Tree Tops Adventure issue shouldn’t be too big a problem – hasn’t Lower Loxley got some sort of tree top walk? May not be adventurous, I suppose.

Brian then calls Adam. Jennifer can still be hearing in the background (same room as Brian) saying: “He hasn’t eaten anything, so go easy on him Brian”

[Brian] “Leave the ringing round to me because there’s apparently some cheese … let me know what else I can do, it won’t help anyone if you become ill.”

Aha! Brian’s had to change his tune about Adam doing the ringing around. Jennifer will have had something to do with that.

David and Ruth make friends again

After his bollocking from Jill, David goes to see Ruth. And apologises.

[Ruth] “I’m just so sick of fighting, I feel like I’m fighting you when I should be fighting them.”

[David] “Mum’s put me right love. We should send the kids to Heather's, of course we should, I’m sorry.”

And we leave them embracing, Ruth crying.

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