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Now Pip’s been threatened: Fri 22.06.12

The Archers Friday 22nd June 2012
  • Pip gets a nasty phone call
  • Freda displays balloons in a rude manner
  • Usha’s 50th birthday party
  • Adam’s birthday surprise

Pip gets a nasty phone call

As David’s on the phone to Pip, asking if she can pick up some hose clips, she hangs off to take another call (which she though was Spencer):

[nasty bloke] “Is that Phillipa Archer? I’ve got a message for your father …”

Next we hear from Pip, she calls Ruth in hysterics. She’s gone home to Brookfield, but no one is there. Ruth rushes back to her.

[Pip] “They they were watching. Watching me and Josh and Ben … He just sounded ordinary I didn’t really have time to think about it.”

Ruth asks Pip not to tell Josh and Ben. Pip becomes hysterical again as David also rushes in to comfort her.

I’m not too sure how they got hold of Pip’s mobile number in the first place, but it’s academic. The Police also can’t trace where the call made to Pip came from.

When Pip leaves David and Ruth to go and calm down:

[Ruth] “How will you stop them?”

[David] “I’ll talk to the police and get advice.”

[Ruth] “How can you get into the minds of people like that? We don’t know what they’re planning.”

[David] “You’re letting your imagination run away with you.”

[Ruth] “And you’re being too laid back.”
David points out that he can’t sit at the window 24/7 with a shotgun.

[David] “I can’t let Adam down, he could have died.”

[Ruth] “And one of our children still could. It’s not worth the risk … Please. Go to the police first thing tomorrow and tell them you won’t do it. Pull out David. This has to stop now.”

Well, that’s the line been drawn.

Which side will David decide to stand on?

Freda displays balloons in a rude manner

Alan and Ruth are decorating Upstairs at The Bull for Usha’s party tonight.

[Alan] “Freda offered, bless her cotton socks, but I wouldn’t put it pass her to cover the tables in doilies and hang balloons in the corners in groups of threes …”

[Ruth] “Two round ones and a long one!”

[Alan] “That’s what she did for Mr Pullen's ninetieth. But the giggles from the over 60s went right over her head!”

Usha’s 50th birthday party

Minus rudely arranged balloons, Alan’s arrange for banners which say “Keep Calm and Party on”, a dozen bottles of bubbly, and a cake (which Elizabeth is collecting. She does do nice things for other peoples sometimes).

Ruth’s then called away by a phone call from Pip (see the first entry above). But the party goes on (Ruth didn’t mention to Alan that, or why, she was leaving).

Later on, as Alan and Usha get ready to leave home for the party, Alan reckons Usha looks fantastic. And he gives her a surprise present, which sounded like pearls.

(if it was, I didn’t see Usha as a pearl necklace type of a lady. I’d have though a modern piece of jewellery – bespoke, clever, subtle – would be more her style)

[Alan] “Like they say, I saw this and I thought of you. You deserve spoiling.”

(well, I stand corrected. Alan knows Usha better than I!)

At the party:

[Usha] “I feel like the Queen standing here as they arrive.”

[Alan] “Well stop it and have a bop!”

They’re playing You’re The One The I Want from Grease. Usha remembers hearing it for the first time when it was first on at the pictures. Which would have been in 1978, when Usha was 16.

Amy then shows up at the party. Usha has forgiven her before Amy even speaks.

[Amy] “I’ve been so stupid.”

Yes you have, but the first step is to be able to recognise it.

Adam’s birthday surprise

Was Amy remembering anyone else exists to wish him a happy birthday!

I jest …

Ian’s plan is to take Adam for a meal at the very posh restaurant of an old chief friend of his, who has done incredibly well for himself, including a Michelin star.

[Ian] “It might act as a springboard to my imagination. You can never rest on your laurels!”

Adam sounded knackered. And was later back in late from work. He has to rush to get ready.

[Adam] “Please don’t say you’ve ironed my shirt, it’ll have more creases in it now than when you started!”

(nice ploy Ian. That’s exactly what I do. Iron badly once, you’ll never be asked to do it again)

But Adam won’t need his shirt, tie and jacket. Ian’s laid out a t-shirt and swimming shorts.

Twigging that the last thing Adam needs is a formal dinner, miles away from home, Ian’s organised a barbeque at home. So it’ll be margaritas, filet mignon, a backrub and a hot tub (for desert).

[Adam] “Yes chef!”

Ah, that Ian really is a marvellous man indeed.

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