Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Beacon 04.06.12

The Archers Monday 4th June 2012
  • There’s still plenty Jubilee cake
  • Is Mike an amateur?
  • The glamour of a burger van
  • Brenda hates Vicky again
  • Beacon to beacon
  • David and Ruth still on high alert

There’s still plenty Jubilee cake

Not surprising, really. It was 60 sponges worth!

Is Mike an amateur?

It would seem so, when it comes to being married.

As he and Vicky are strawing up the Beacon (to make sure it starts up well), Vicky’s bemoaning that the local press were keen to take pictures of Alice in the Diamond Jubilee themed phone box. Vicky felt it should have been Susan or herself. They did all the hard work.

[Mike] “Young and pretty, ain’t she though, Alice”

[Vicky] “Charming!”

[Mike] “You know what I mean”


The glamour of a burger van

[Brenda] “This must be about the highest gig Gourmet Burgers has ever done … think he sees it as a service to the village?”

But it wasn’t an entire loss. They took a fair bit of money. So at least Tom will be pleased.

Brenda hates Vicky again

It’s been a  while since Brenda has been negative about Vicky. I’d thought she’d even start to like her.

But no.

As Vicky is getting coffees from Brenda and Pip at the burger van, Vicky mentions that she can’t wait to retire when Mike does. And she’s hoping that will be soon.

[Brenda] But you can’t retire!”

[Vicky] “Course not, but I can stop”

[Brenda] “Dad’s been working for goodness knows how many years, but you’re still young.”

[Vicky] “That’s the point. We want to do things together while we can.”

[Brenda] “You do, you mean.”

(after Vicky leaves)

[Brenda] “Ugh, she can be so selfish that woman, it drives me mad.”

[Pip] “So I noticed!”

Later on, Mike went over to Brenda to say goodbye. He and Vicky were leaving as she was so tired.

[Brenda] “Oh that is so typical, sitting in the car waiting to be taken home … it’s all about her, what about dads? He looks so done in sometimes, she might try thinking about him for a change”

So it’s Brenda Vs Vicky game on, again.

Beacon to beacon

When the Beacon is lit, David reckons it’ll be seen in the Cotswolds, and even as far as the Welsh Border.

Ben also spots that they can see the Beacon in Gilbert’s Crossway.

[David] “You never know, they might be waving too.”

That must have been a magical sight.

David and Ruth still on high alert

Josh definitely knows something’s up.  He was asking David again about why they needed the security cameras. David answered that it’s just a precaution.

[Josh] “In case someone gets beaten up in our yard?”

Josh is thinking it’s because of David finding Adam when he’d been attacked.

When they get home after the Beacon, David checks the cameras. Nothing on there apart from Ben doing a wee dance in front of it.

[David] “All quiet.”

[Ruth] “Long may it last”

[David] “Everything going to be fine. You’ll see.”


We all know the exact opposite will be true once an Ambridge resident says something like that.

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