Friday, 18 November 2011

Ambridge Extra Thursday 17th November 2011: Alistair and Erin … odd

  • Clive’s plans gang aft agley
  • What did Matt get in the post?
  • Hope Daphne the cat was okay
  • It’s all inappropriate, Alistair
  • Lilian ready to call the Police

Clive’s plans gang aft agley

Clive needs to be on site at Matt’s development if he’s going to be able to steal the metal. Matt knows about it, but has distanced himself to the point where Clive is very much on his own. Matt just wants the cash at the end.

So Clive is panicked when he’s laid off from the job. There isn’t enough work for him. How will he steal the metal if he doesn't work there?

Am I being thick? Couldn't Clive just break in? As per?

What did Matt get in the post?

He was very cagey about it.

He tried to get to the post first, but Lilian beat him to it. She thought it might be a present for her Christmas, but Matt claimed it was “kit” for the office. A webcam for video conferencing. Even though they never do video conferencing.

What’s he up to now?

Hope Daphne the cat was okay

Seems so. Alistair seemed to be quite happy with her progress.

It’s all inappropriate, Alistair

What on earth is Alistair thinking about? Though we can hear his thoughts (still don’t understand how that works), it really doesn’t make any sense.

He’s early awaiting Erin turning up at his surgery. She’s still shadowing him.

Alistair – to himself - Is that her? She is stunning

(hmmm …)

Erin then stroked Alistair by mistake. Ones hopes it was just his hand – she was aiming for the cat.

(hmmm …)

Erin also wants to make her shadowing it a regular thing.

(hmmm …)

Erin starts talking to Alistair about Daniel,

[Erin] “He’s very shy, isn’t he? Quiet. He’s not had many girlfriends, has ne? He’s just not like other lads I know … he’s just really different”

Which Erin reckons is a good thing. Kind of.

[Alistair] “Look I know I’m obviously biased, Daniel’s a special boy. He’s kind. Thoughtful. I’m really proud of him”

And then (there’s more!) Erin starts opening up to Alistair. Telling him about her home life, how her dad left when she was wee, and the like.

Alistair – to himself - Why is she telling me this. She’s lovely, but this feels like too much 

(eh? Does Alistair think she’s cracking onto him?)

[Erin] “It’s funny. I suppose I’ve always felt an adult, even when I was little”

(hmmm …)

Alistair – to himself - maybe she just wants to talk. This isn’t appropriate. I can’t be her confidant.

(why not? Does he just want to be physical? Or, is it because she’s kind-of Daniel’s girlfriend?)

[Erin] “You know, you’re a lot Dan. At least you’ve got similar eyes. They are the same gorgeous blue”

Alistair - to himself - okay that’s crossed the line

(what? The she though Alistair was Daniel’s biological dad, which he tells her he isn’t, or that she called his eyes “gorgeous?”)

After telling Erin that he adopted Daniel.

[Erin] “That makes a lot of sense … you’re so much more …”

Alistair – to himself – what?

But Erin does say what Alistair is “so much more”

I’m confused.

What’s Alistair thinking? Is he wrestling with the fact that Erin is a young lass, and going out with his son – so off limits. Or, is he attracted but worried that Erin feels the same, and is worried about something happening? Does he want something to happen?

Lilian ready to call the Police

After trying to call matt without success (doesn’t Clive ever take a hint?), he turns up at the Dower House.

Lilian is not amused.

[Lilian] “Matt … you get him out of here know you shouldn’t be here … are you going to get rid of him. Matt, I’ve had enough of him.”

Matt takes Clive outside, and tells him where to sling it. Clive wants Matt to get him his job back at the site. But Matt isn’t interested.

[Matt] “I’ve got to sort Lilian out now, and it’s not just her who doesn’t want you around”

When Matt gets back in, Lilian is ready to call the Police. Clive is hanging around on is mobile to someone.

[Lilian] “He needs permission … what if he comes back, or goes on a rampage round the village?”

She won’t even let Matt leave the house. If he does, she will call the Police on Clive.

[Lilian] “You may think you’re honouring some ex convict’s code …”

[Matt] “You have to let me deal with this in my own way. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. I promise, pussycat, I’ve got it under control”

Methinks Matt speaks too soon. Clive was already on the phone trying to work out how he can get all of the metal on his own. Dodgy. Trouble surely is ahead.

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