Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Archers Monday 7th November 2011: Nic and Clarrie go shopping

  • Ruth puts her welly in it
  • Nic’s a kind wee soul
  • Freddie went out on his first hunt
  • David’s not for vaccinating
  • Bert came first
  • Jim’s a good chap

Ruth puts her welly in it

Nic is telling Christine about her wedding plans when Ruth ambles along and says:

[Ruth] “You can never have too many weddings!”

[Nic] “Well one will be quite enough for me, thanks”

Oops. Not the best thing to say to the blushing bride of Mr Will Grundy!

Nic’s a kind wee soul

And sounds like she genuinely likes and cares for Clarrie.

Bout time sometime like Clarrie just for being Clarrie.

They’re out looking at wedding dresses, but Nic can’t make up her mind. One of them is kinda sexy, but she thinks the pleating is a bit fussy.

She’s also talking about whether to choose between Sham el Shake in Egypt, or the Cape Verde Islands (nice!).

[Clarrie] “Me and Eddie thought we were lucky to get to Torremolinos”

Nic decides she’s going to look on the internet for a wedding dress (more choice and cheaper), but she still wants Clarrie to help choose both that and the honeymoon.

Lovely. Looks like Clarrie has the caring kid (and daughter) she always deserved.

Freddie went out on his first hunt

And Oliver was impressed with how he handled it.

David’s not for vaccinating

Oliver has been talking badgers to David.

[David] “You know they’ve been trying alternative methods to culling … now he wants to try vaccination”

But that would mean a vaccination program over the while area, involving all the farms (big and small).

And it’d be a commitment for a whole 5 years, during which they’d have to trap every badger every year to vaccinate it.

David isn’t impressed, but as NFU president, he has to take it forward.

Actually – I’m hoping Oliver’s elixir process to do the trick. Really like the idea of farmers tip-toeing round badger sets to sprinkle the magic …

Bert came first

At Brampton Green ploughing competition.

Well done Bert.

Jim’s a good chap

Christine’s worrying about Ivy’s funeral. It’d mean Clive being in the village, near her home.

Seems Jim has a lecture to give at the U3A (University of the Third age), so David suggests she can either come to Brookfield, or:

[David] “Talk to Jim first. I’m sure held like to know how you feel”

But no need. Jim had already thought it through himself, and cancelled his lecture to take Christine out for the day instead.

[David] “Good all Jim, eh”

[Christine] “Oh it’s so sweet of him. He’s such a kind and sensitive man”

Indeed he is.

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