Monday, 28 November 2011

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 22nd November 2011: Erin declares for Alistair

  • What’s Erin playing at?
  • Actually, what’s Alistair playing at?
  • Clive. Signing ‘Bad to the Bone’. Badly
  • A poisoned budgie
  • A film or dogs eating curry?
  • Clive on the rob

What’s Erin playing at?

Daniel reckons she’s been avoiding him since they snogged last week.

Which sounds true enough, as they haven’t seen each other. But:

[Erin] “Come on Dan, don’t start freaking out on me now”

But he calms down when Erin says that she “can’t wait” to come over his tomorrow.

Which is a same on Daniel. As it sounds like Erin is more excited about shadowing Alistair than spending time with his son …

Actually, what’s Alistair playing at?

… as we know is the case when Alistair gets a text from Erin.

[Erin text] “Are we still on for tomorrow? Can’t wait to see you”

Alistair – to himself - Don’t flatter yourself Alistair. She can’t like you like that

This is getting quite bizarre.

Alistair then asks Daniel if Erin has been asking about her visits to them.

How creepy.

Alistair then decides that he’ll text something formal.

[Alistair text] “That’ll be fine”

This really makes for uncomfortable eavesdropping.

Clive. Signing ‘Bad to the Bone’. Badly

That’s all I have to say on that.

A poisoned budgie

[Erin] “It was funny. It wasn’t her budgie who needed treatment!”

Seems Erin and Alistair went on a home visit to a woman who has poisoned her budgie with chocolate chip cookies.

That’s not funny.

They should have removed that budgie without any further questions.

Poor budgie.

A film or dogs eating curry?

Erin chose to stay and talk to Alistair about a dog eating curry, rather than take Daniel up on his offer to watch a film in his room.

Alistair spots there’s a bit of tension, so leaves them to it (grudgingly so, I’m sure).

But Erin then makes to leave. She reckons she has stuff to do.

[Daniel] “No. I get it. It doesn’t matter. So will you be coming over gain. I mean to shadow my dad”

(oh how close to the truth was Daniel! This is not going to be a good thing for anyone).

Before Erin does leave, she snogs Daniel.

But later texts Alistair:

[Erin text] “Had a fab time with you today. Can’t stop thinking about when I can come over again. I’m free next Thursday. Text me back xx “

Alistair – to himself – oh no


I don’t think Alistair was too displeased about Erin’s text. He’d just finished talking to Daniel about how mature Erin was …

… course, this could all just be a mistake. Maybe Erin has just mistaken Alistair’s number for Daniel’s?

Probably not …

Clive on the rob

Clive has ‘stolen’ all of the metal from Matt’s house development.

He gets away without being spotted or chased, and once gets to the lock up calls Bernie.

All going to plan?

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