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The Archers Wednesday 16th November 2011: Ruth says nooooooooo

  • Grundy cider (courtesy of Oliver)
  • ‘Genuine’ pearl necklace for 30 years married
  • Not the holly, again
  • Ruth’s a proper farmer, unlike Brian
  • Deck The Halls (without Nigel)
  • A pony!?!
  • Funerals online
  • Ruth speaks to a real live buyer

Grundy cider (courtesy of Oliver)

Eddie and Joe are collecting apples from Oliver’s orchard for their cider.

Seems not many other folks have joined in.

Jim turns up eventually. As does David.

Hardly the community project Jim envisaged, but it is a start.

And Eddie reckons it will be a vintage year, with them collecting grand looking apples.

[Joe] “Course in my dad’s day they had a wheel”

[Jim] “A cider wheel? … I suppose a garden shredder doesn’t have the same romance about it”

[Joe] “Does the job”

‘Genuine’ pearl necklace for 30 years married

It’s Eddie and Clarrie’s 30th anniversary on November 21st.

So Eddie wants to get Clarrie a proper nice gift.

A pearl necklace.

[Jim] “The ancient Greek symbol of love and devotion”

[Joe] “She’s going to love that. Well done Eddie”

But … in true Eddie style … he reckons he got a “bargain” and he mentioned the word “genuine”.

So, it’ll either be glass or stolen. Odds on.

Not the holly, again

As they were collecting apples, Eddie pointed out a nice sprig to Joe. And mentioned that they’d better get themselves ready for selling holly again.


Won’t there still be a long list of customers not entirely amused with Joe’s holly growing kits?

Ruth’s a proper farmer, unlike Brian

David talks to Ruth about Brian’s plans for a Super Dairy.

Ruth is not happy.

Ruth starts to rant.

[Ruth] “1500 cows, with no grass at all, stuck up there in a shed all of their lives … we’ll have a whopping great dairy unit shoved right on our doorsteps … that’s just so Brian. He’s such a total hypocrite. He’s never been a dairy farmer, all he cares about is turning in a quick profit … it’s a terrible idea; it goes against everything we’ve been working and for over the last twenty odd years and Brian knows that to. And he has the nerve to come here and start crowing about it to you”

[David] “Me as NFU Chair …”

[Ruth] “Same difference. He ‘d know perfectly well how you’d feel about it personally”

But wait Ruth. There’s worse to come.

[David] “Listen. There was another reason why he’s come to us now ...well, I’ve got a feeling you’re not going to like but I did say I’d ask, so … Brian says that if the scheme goes ahead, if right, then BL would be looking for local suppliers … to grow feed crops for their cows”

[Ruth] “What? You mean …”

[David] “He wants to know if we might be interested”

[Ruth] “David, but, how could you even ask … well you know the answer, of course we’re not doing it. No. I hate the whole idea and I don’t have any part of it”

[David] “Alright, so it’s not our kind of faming of course …”

[Ruth] “It’s not proper farming at all, it’s an industrial business …”

[David] “But, think about it for a moment. They would be offering us a long term contract for our crops at a guaranteed price. Can we afford to turn down an offer like that?”

[Ruth] “I don’t care what the deal is …”

[David] “Really? When we need all the help we can get for our milk”

[Ruth] “Not that way. I’m not doing it David, I’m surprised you’ve even considered it. You should have turned him down flat”

[David] “Alright, you made your point, there’s no need to bite my head off”

And David storms off in a huff.

They later on make it up. And David admits he’s quite relieved that she’s out her foot down for him.

Deck The Halls (without Nigel)

That’ll be a strange one. Nigel’s charmingly childish delight always made it such a highlight.

A pony!?!

Blimey – looks like the recession has never touched Elizabeth.

It’s nearly the twins’ 12th birthday.

She’s talking to Shula about what to get Freddie. He’s seemingly really hard to buy for.

In fact, neither Lily nor Freddie have made much out of their forthcoming birthday.

It’ll be the first without their dad.

So, Shula suggests buying Freddie a pony.

And, just like that, Elizabeth reckons it’s a great idea. No mention of how can they afford it. No mention of how she can work out something as spectacular for Lily.

My. How the other half live.

Elizabeth then tells Lily about Freddie’s pony, but swears her to secrecy.

(can twins keep secrets from each other? And why on earth did Elizabeth tell her in the first place?)

Luckily for Elizabeth, Lily then suggests her own birthday present.

She wants to go on her school trip to France.

Which is fine by Elizabeth.

Seriously – is there a way I can get Elizabeth to adopt me? She’s loaded!

Then again, it might just be her burning her way through Nigel’s insurance money … actually … did they look into how much he was worth when he died?

Funerals online

Not really.

They’re just getting the promotion of the green burial site sorted online. They’re also doing flyers.

Ruth speaks to a real live buyer

Which was a shock for her, after not getting through to any real ones for a fair while now. And what’s more:

[Ruth] “He seem surprised to be talking to a real life farmer”

What’s more, he seemed quite interested in Brookfield’s product.

[Ruth] “At least we’re getting somewhere at last. This could be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for”

And at least it doesn’t involve Brian or a Super Diary.

Fingers crossed.

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