Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Archers Tuesday 8th November 2011: Welcome back Kylie

  • Elona’s moving into No. 3
  • All’s well with the Mart
  • Harry is off to Poland
  • Knickers in John’s bed
  • Tony still isn’t being nice
  • Kylie calls
  • Jennifer’s dysfunctional family
  • Falls to Lilian

Elona’s moving into No. 3

Let’s see if she does turn out to be a good ‘un …

But I am still hoping her teenage daughters play loud music to keep Tom up at night …

All’s well with the Mart

I was very worried about those electrics (!)

Harry is off to Poland

To see Zofia.

Not that we hear it from the man himself. It’s Susan, back gossiping (but obviously still very sad) at the village shop.

Knickers in John’s bed

Susan mentions Kylie and Sharon to Lilian, who takes a while to remember them. Then:

[Lilian] “Oh Sharon! The one who left her knickers in John’s bed … family legend!”

Tony still isn’t being nice

Jennifer bumps into Tony, and gives him a brace of pheasants (which she’d been intending to take to him anyway at Bridge Farm).

But, he’s not very forthcoming with gratitude. In fact, he’s downright rude to her.

Very similar to the way Helen behaved to him in the exact same spot (outside the village shop) before Henry was born.

Must run in that part of the family – not being able to forgive and forget.

To rub salt into the wounds:

[Tony]”I expect you’ve seen Tom’s pig video on the internet, it’s been a huge success, getting thousands of hits … it all shows what you can do, how much you can achieve when the family works together to help each other out”

Tony! That’s shocking behaviour!

As if any of what you said was true – and it was hurtful enough to send Jennifer off very upset.

Enough already. You should have known not to expect much of Jennifer anyway when it comes to money – and she is your sister.

Kylie calls

She sounds alright.

Kylie was calling Susan to sort out her coming down for the funeral. As Kylie is coming down from Lancaster, she’ll need to stay overnight.

She was going to ask her granddad, but wasn’t sure if there would be room – and, of course, Susan offers her a room at hers.

Which is all fine and good.

So – nature or nurture?

Will Kylie be a good ‘un for real?

Jennifer’s dysfunctional family

That exchange with Tony has really hurt Jennifer.

She’s worried about her family not pulling together (as Tony claims his does).

Brian is rowing with Adam (well, Brian reckons it’s a “frank exchange of views”). Adam and Debbie are also rowing. And, Debbie is coming over this Friday but isn’t staying. Jennifer would have preferred her overnight so that they could have a family meal.

She brings up to Brian what Tony said:

[Jennifer] “How they’ve united in the face of adversity, while we’re all at each other’s throats”

Ah Jennifer, if only you knew. All you Archers – just the same when it comes down to it.

Falls to Lilian

Tony’s round at Lilian’s to talk about Peggy’s seating plan for her birthday lunch,.

Tony doesn’t want to sit next to Jennifer.

[Lilian] “Can’t we all try and behave like grown-ups, You’ve got my little loan to help you out, and it’s time to move on … If that what mum wants,. You’ll just have to deal with it darling”

But, Lilian is easily persuaded by Tony, so agrees to talk to Peggy. Without telling her that to9ny doesn’t want to sit next to Jennifer. So that she doesn’t have to explain what the fallout is about.

Ach well. A couple of gins first, and Lilian will wing it perfectly.


Ruby said...

kylie not kirsty!

Inga McVicar said...

aye - i keep doing that!

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