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Ambridge Extra Thursday 24th November 2011: Ah Matt – we were so wrong to doubt you

  • Matt’s had a break-in
  • Clive’s had a break-in
  • What an odd accent that Policewoman had
  • An impoverished post-grad
  • Just as Clive is about to do a bunk
  • He’s a good chap, sometimes
  • Amy’s great-aunty died last week
  • Amy thought Daniel was … you know …
  • Amy Vs Clive Vs Alice
  • And the real Matt triumph

Matt’s had a break-in

Now that’s a surprise (!).

Matt gets a call from the site foreman to tell him all the metal has been stolen.

Lilian is straight on the button

[Lilian] “Hold on. This is Clive, isn’t it? Did you gave him another job … you did, didn’t you. I knew it!”

But Matt basically tells her to shush as he heads out to sort it.

Clive’s had a break-in

Someone’s broken into Clive’s rented lock-up and has stolen the stuff that he stole.

Oh, the irony.

Bernie is not happy. He has buyers lined up, and reckons Clive has made him look a fool.

Clive reckons they’ll catch up with the thieves when they try and move it on. But Bernie doesn’t sound so sure. And when he checks round, no-one has heard anything.

Then Matt calls him to check that he stole the metal fine, and to check when he’s getting his money.

Well, couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

What an odd accent that Policewoman had

Scottish crossed with Yorkshire.

An impoverished post-grad

Is what Alice is.

She’s even struggling to buy herself a decent lunch.

[Lilian] “Oh darling, I hardly think a jacket potato is going to make a difference … you need to care of yourself though”

Just as Clive is about to do a bunk

He reckons he has mates in London he can stay with.

But, just as he’s about to grab a bag, Matt catches up with him.

He doesn’t believe Clive that the metal has been stolen.

Or, does he?

He’s a good chap, sometimes

As Clive is trying to wriggle out of Matt not believing the metal has been stolen, he claims that he’s never ripped Matt off before.

Matt doesn’t agree.

He mentions the second hand bathroom Clive passed off as new (and though had got away with).

Matt tells Clive he’s going to show the video to the Police. Clive tells Matt that he’ll bring him down with him.

So it comes down to who the Police will believe.

[Clive] “Why shouldn’t they (believe me)? You’re no better than me. You’ve done time an all”

[Matt] “Yeah but I’m not a cheap common thug am I. Or on parole.”

Clive panics. He tells Matt he’ll double – triple - the money if the Police aren’t involved.

[Clive] “Just don’t dob me in. You know what it’s like inside. I’ve spent half me life locked away. I can’t do another stretch. I’ll do whatever you want.”

[Matt] “Alright, I’ll make you a deal, I won’t grass you up just as long as you don’t get anywhere near Ambridge ever again … how’s that Clive? Do we have a deal?”


How we could ever have doubted Matt.

He had a plan all along to get rid of Clive.


Amy’s great-aunty died last week

That’s a shame.

It means her gran (the feisty Mabel Thompson) is the last of the sisters alive.

Amy thought Daniel was … you know … 

Alice was telling Amy about Daniel’s girlfriend (Well, she’s not really. She likes Alistair. And, well, Alistair seems to like her. All very complicated).

[Amy] “Girlfriend? Really? I always thought he might be …”


Might be what?

Guess we’ll never know what Amy was about to say. That bloomin’ Clive interrupted.

Amy Vs Clive Vs Alice

Another odd thing.

Clive stumbles into the pub that Alice and Amy are in. He seems already half cut, then spots Alice (as she was trying to hide from him).

[Clive] “Don’t walk away! Stuck up cow!”

[Amy] “Hey … be quiet please. Do you understand she doesn’t want to talk to you”

And it sounded like Amy pushed him over.

[Clive] “Crazy mare”

The odd bit was that Alice seemed annoyed at Amy. Though Amy was insistent that you have to:

[Amy] “tell folks like that where to do”

Was Alice just scared of what Clive will do now that they have offended him?

And the real Matt triumph

Was that he and Bernie stole the metal from Clive. Bernie sold it. And Matt’s share is £1,100. Plus the insurance money. And, of course, Clive now has to stay away from Ambridge.

[Matt] “I dealt with Clive in my own way pussycat …I promise., Clive Horrobin is out of our lives for good”

From the purring Lilian was making, it would seem Matt’s pretty perfect day didn’t just end there ... nudge nudge ...

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