Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Archers Sunday 13th November 2011: Peggy’s 87th Birthday – throwing daggers (but only by their eyes)

(the announcer said “The bunting is out in Ambridge” but no resident seem to notice)

  • Brian’s not looking forward to it
  • Tony’s wish for an alternate Sunday
  • James and Leonie … hopefully about to split up
  • And the seating plan is …
  • Proper salmon
  • That damn book!
  • Jennifer really is clueless

Brian’s not looking forward to it

Tony may not be speaking to Jennifer, and Brian now isn’t talking to Lilian.

He thinks it was her who blabbed about Adam being unhappy about the Super Dairy, which scuppered Brian and Debbie’s plan to get it moving (for now).

So, he also isn’t looking forward to the en masse Archer gathering for Peggy’s birthday.

[Brian] “Now I’ll be stuck in the dame room as her for 2 hours trying to be civil … that and that smarmy son of hers”

Tony’s wish for an alternate Sunday

[Tony] “Sandwich at home in the kitchen would suit me fine … I’ll probably end up getting thoroughly plastered”

[Pat] “It’s Peggy’s birthday … It’s only 2 hours out of your life, so please behave!”

James and Leonie … hopefully about to split up

Probably wishful thinking, but they were having a right old barney.

Seems Leonie had to be dragged screaming and kicking to the birthday lunch.

[James] “Less of a party, more than a damage limitation exercise”

Leonie was being a right spoilt brat. In front of Tony, she said of the party.

[Leonie] “Oh yes, it’s right up there with my last trip to the dentist”

Hard to believe that Robert was involved in the creation of her.

But, to look on the bright side, of James and Leonie do split up, we won’t have to hear from them for months on end …

Ah – it couldn’t be happening to a nicer couple!

And the seating plan is …

… Tony in the middle of James and Leonie (which Tony is delighted about – more fool him), and Brian next to Peggy and Pat (he’s also happy).

So, disaster averted. And Peggy had no idea of the undercurrents.

[Brian] “Fortunately she didn’t notice that one half of the table wasn’t talking to the other”

Proper salmon

According to Brian, must be Scottish, wild caught and organic.

Couldn’t agree more.

That damn book!

James and Leonie turn on Tony with the usual lack of tact when it comes to setting up topics and stories for their book:

[James] “We heard about your little mishap with e coli …”

[Leonie] “Tee whole mystical process of turning fresh milk into cheeses and ice cream”

Tony doesn’t really take in what they’re suggesting (probably still reeling from the utter nightmare of the last few months being described as a “little mishap”).

They also want to ‘cover’ Will and Nic’s wedding. Cause he’s a gamekeeper. Therefore it’ll be traditional and quaint rural.


All the talk of their book made them forget they’d fallen out. Damn!

Jennifer really is clueless

Jennifer went outside for a bit of fresh air, and bumps into Tony (who is trying to get Henry to sleep).
She starts talking about how pleased and excited she was to hear about the rebrand.

And she reveals that Tony and Pat are not the only family with business problems.

[Jennifer] “Well we’re so close, and we care so much, why do we spend so much time quarrelling … silly when there’s so much we could do to support each other”

Tony is about to launch into a rant when Peggy also comes outside:

[Peggy] “Just to gave the whole family here together, and getting on so well, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to spend my birthday”

Either Peggy is indeed clueless, or she knows more than she shows. Either way, she is right – they all managed a lunch together without it turning into a punch up.

Again - Damn!


Emma said...

Salmon can be wild or it can be organic - it can't be both!

Inga McVicar said...

really? live and learn, so I do ;)