Monday, 7 November 2011

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 1st November 2011: Lilian takes Matt to task about Clive

  • Clive had bacon this time
  • Clive on his mum dying
  • Daniel nearly gets an early Christmas
  • An excruciating tea
  • Clive on what happened to Clive when his mum died
  • Lilian is furious!

Clive had bacon this time

But I don’t think Matt bought it for him.

Though Matt did him £175 for “the lot “ (sink, drainer, mixer tap, pipework), which one assumes Clive is to buy from that bloke Bernie on the hush.

Clive on his mum dying

Matt tells Clive that he’s sorry to hear about Ivy dying.

[Matt] “But even so, at least you managed to spend some time with her before she died”

After Matt later gives Clive some cash for a point and lets him off early:

[Clive] “Cheers for the cash. My mum really appreciated you giving me chance. It ain't like I’ve done much in my life what made her happy, but seeing there was someone, you know, who did think I were all bad”

[Matt] “Yeah, well, like I said at least her last memoires of you inside. Yeah, I’m sure it made her happy to have you home and trying to turn your life around”

Clive reckons the last time he saw, he was causing her grief. Which he was, as he was angry he wasn’t allowed to see George. Clive says he regrets not seeing her one last time after’ mum died.

[Clive] “All my mum ever did was work for other people, cleaning their house, ironing their clothes, and what did it get her. She worked herself to the bone and all she ever wanted was to see her family happy”

You know – Clive sounded quite genuine. Like he really wanted to open up and talk about it.

But, Matt didn’t sound too comfortable. He’s not that sort of bloke. And, he hardly made much of a fuss when his'real' mum died ...

Daniel nearly gets an early Christmas

Erin’s round at Daniel’s for tea.

[Erin] “Wow Daniel, so this is where you live!”

Daniel’s wishes nearly all come at once - Erin then says she wants to change out of her school gear.

But, Shula turns up at the same time.

Not that Daniel really stands a chance. It’d be more like him to watch through the keyhole, or setup a webcam.

An excruciatingly tea

So Daniel gets to sit down with his (not) girlfriend, mum and dad.

Shula – to herself - didn’t expect so pretty… she could be 20 … hope she’s in Daniels’ league … so talented

Alistair – to himself (about Daniel) - someone’s anxious about looking cool

Shula – to herself - girls will be girls. I just don’t want Daniel getting a broken heart

Alistair to himself – Daniel, poor lad, it looks like he’s being tortured

Shula – to herself - perhaps I was wrong about her. Maybe she’s just what Daniel needs …

Once Daniel gets Erin to himself:

[Daniel] “Sorry about my parents. I didn’t know they were going to give you the full Guantanamo treatment!”

But Erin reckons they were nice and that she likes them.

Not that Erin has seen his home life, extra points for Daniel?

Clive on what happened to Clive when his mum died

Matt and Clive are having a rather long chin-wag. They’re still talking though Clive has money in his pocket for a pint.

[Clive] “Chris’ Alice, she couldn’t just stop staring. Like I was a creature from another planet”

Clive reckons Susan was organising everyone, so wasn’t letting anyone do anything.

Aye right then! It’s all about poor Clive being left out.

[Clive] “It made me sick … knowing that half of them didn’t want me there”

[Matt] “Just cause you’re related by blood don’t mean you’ve got anything in common … and then you’re expect to owe ‘em something … at the end of the day, the only person you can rely on is yourself”

Lilian is furious!

Lilian catches Matt having his chinwag with Clive.

She is not amused. Once she gets Matt outside:

[Lilian] “You promised … you said you’d get rid of him”

[Matt] “That was the last job”

[Lilian] “You’re not going to wriggle out of it Matt”

[Matt] “What does it matter anyway. As long as he’s useful …”

[Lilian] “This still has nothing to do with hiring a psychopath”

[Matt] “He’s cheap, he does what he’s told and when he stops being useful, I’ll get shot of him, for goodness sake Lilian, I’m not doing this out of the goodness of my heart!”

[Lilian] “I asked you not to do it at all. I mean for pity sake what if Christine found out we were employing him. Or Shula or Jill of half of my family who that man terrorized, you know how they feel about him … I want you to get rid of him”

Matt’s reasoning us that by giving Clive a job, he’s at least keeping him out of Ambridge.

[Matt] “I know you don’t like him, I don’t like him much either but you have to trust me. He’s keen, he’s cheap and he’s desperate for the work”

[Lilian] “Fine, but on your head be it Matt. I just hope you don’t live to regret it”

Lilian was viciously angry – but the worst of it?

Clive heard every word …

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