Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 15th November 2011: Daniel nearly becomes a man

  • The French Lieutenant's Woman
  • Not a special birthday
  • That Erin is a bit of a …
  • Matt’s a one-man Clive cheerleader
  • Daniel’s big moment!
  • Matt doesn’t want to be seen with Clive
  • Nope. No moment for Daniel
  • Alistair texting Erin

The French Lieutenant's Woman

Is what Daniel’s studying for English.

[Daniel] “Notions of destiny, identity and freewill”

He may be a bit odd, but sounds like Daniel isn’t dim.

Unless he was writing straight from York’s Notes …

Not a special birthday

Seems Erin looked “hot” at Daniel’s birthday. She was wearing shorts (in this weather! … is what my gran would have said). But Daniel was left wishing he’d “done something”, especially as he thinks she might have wanted him to.

He reckons he’s blown it.

Later on, Erin tells him she wishes his birthday had gone a bit long.

So technically, Daniel did make a hash of it.

But not to worry. Erin takes charge.

That Erin is a bit of a …

… confident young lady who knows what she wants.

Good on her.

She invites Daniel round to hers, as her mum is out. So they can have the place to themselves.

Daniel thinks to himself that he might not have blown it at his birthday.

Ya think, Daniel?

Maybe he’s just academically not dim …

Matt’s a one-man Clive cheerleader

Lilian’s laying it on thick about how awful Clive has been since Ivy died.

[Lilian] “I’m not sure what’s worse, then he talked his poor father into giving them or he tried to pass them off to poor Kylie … if he’s prepared to do that to his own family.

“At least someone’s got the courage send Clive packing … and his sister of all people!

“Don’t you see? You’re the only one who wants anything to do with him!”

But Matt isn’t listening. He leaves rather than to suffer anymore of Lilian’s (quite right and reasonable) chat about Clive.

Matt isn’t exactly Clive’s best friend, but he does know he can turn Clive’s talent for being one step adrift of the law to his own advantage.

Daniel’s big moment!

At Erin’s, she tells Daniel where to sit, then squeezes in next to him.

Daniel – to himself - say something

[Daniel] “I like your wallpaper”

Daniel – to himself - wallpaper, what are you talking about!

Erin then tells him she wanted his birthday to go on longer. Then she tucks her feet under his legs.

They start play fighting,

Daniel – to himself - go on, do it … I can smell her skin

But Erin has to spell it out. She’s telling Daniel about her friends talking about him.

[Erin] “They want to know what you’re like. So do I. Well. Are you going to kiss me or not?”

[Daniel] “Yeah. Well. Sorry”

[Erin] “Come here!”

And then – and I kid you not – the background music rises into a crescendo.


As if it wasn’t uncomfortable enough listening to two teens getting ‘close’.

Matt doesn’t want to be seen with Clive

Clive’s been trying to get the metal out of the house Matt’s been doing up.

But there’s other workmen around.

And while he has a truck, he can’t get a lockup.

And, the job is also happening too fast for him to sort himself out.

[Clive] “We have to talk. You need to slow things down”

Matt tells him to shut his mouth.

[Matt] “Whatever you need to do, just do it. I don’t want to know. I don’t want us seen talking”

Then Matt tells Clive he knows about Ivy’s rings, and how he basically stole them.

[Matt] “if you can do that to your old dad, you can do this”

That’s him told.

Nope. No moment for Daniel

Daniel – to himself – is this right? … I’m not sure … perhaps I’m supposed to … s’aright, close your eyes … not sure if she’s expecting me to … woah, okay, maybe she does … great legs … come on, just go with it … move your hands a bit higher … okay, maybe a bit more

Erin stops him, but it’s only because Daniel is leaning on her. She asks him to put his hand back where it was and to stop apologising so much. – leaning on her, wants his hand back – stop apologising

Daniel – to himself - okay, so this could be it, it’ll be fine

But alas – they hear the door slam. It’s probably Erin’s mum.

[Erin] “Quick. Do your shirt back up”

Daniel then (rather ungallantly) suggests they drive somewhere to carry on.

That’ll be his trousers speaking.

[Daniel] “Just as long as. Was that okay?”

[Erin] “Yeah, yeah of course. That was lovely”

Never mind Daniel.

I’m sure Erin will lead you through it all again soon

Alistair texting Erin

That's just wrong.


Ruby said...

yes, with my child protection / safeguarding hat on I can say it is very wrong.

Inga McVicar said...

I'm surprised at Alistair ...