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The Archers Tuesday 22nd November 2011: Helen reckons it’s not all doom and gloom

(see …she still really has changed)

  • Helen will be going back to work
  • Jennifer’s off to the Maldives
  • The shop and cheese are doing fine
  • Helen – pretty in pink
  • Thomas Hardy nuptials?
  • “You can’t wear tweeds in the Maldives”
  • Will said no to James
  • Helen’s worried about Pat

Helen will be going back to work

In the New Year. She’s going to baby-share with another mum.

Jennifer’s off to the Maldives

Check her!

One assumes Brian is also going. One would also assume Tony won’t be amused – not enough money to help her brother, but enough to go whooping it up abroad.

Still, he might get some pleasure out of Jennifer struggling to find swimwear when the “shops are full of woollies”.

The shop and cheese are doing fine

Both of which are Helen’s side of the business (you hear that, Tom?).

Helen does find it laughable that folks will buy their unpasteurised cheese, but not their yoghurt.
But at least:

[Helen] “The concept of a farm shop in the middle of town hasn’t entirely lost its appeal, so it’s not all doom and gloom”

And it’s called Ambridge Organics. (Organics! Hear that Tom and Brenda’s brand expert mate).

Helen – pretty in pink

Or she will be if she can find the right dress as Nic’s bridesmaid.

[Nic] “A bit more Pippa Middleton. Only pink”

Lovely. (!)

Thomas Hardy nuptials?

Jennifer’s telling Brian that she doesn’t give Leonie and James six months together.

Seems she’s also not impressed by James’ offer to Will to take his and Nic’s wedding pictures.

In exchange for them being in the book, of course.

[Brian] “But James and Leonie think it’s going to be some rustic Thomas Hardy nuptials with wild flowers and country dancing … I can imagine those two importing a few hay bales and shepherds crooks to make it conform to their vision”

Thomas Hardy nuptials?

When did Brian ever ready a Thomas Hardy? I’d have thought Chris Ryan would have been more his style.

“You can’t wear tweeds in the Maldives”

Brian is horrified that Jennifer wants him to go shopping with her for their holidays.

(ah – so Brian does get to go).

[Jennifer] “You can’t wear tweeds in the Maldives”

Quite right.

But despite claiming he’s too busy with The Mart opening next week, and having to come up with a new plan for Super Dairy because of Adam being “transient”, it’s inevitable that Brian will have to bow down to Jennifer’s demands.

Shopping is one argument Jennifer will always win.

Will said no to James

Brave chap.

But Clarrie is very thankful indeed. If Will hasn’t said no, I think she’d have butted in and done it for him.

[Clarrie] “He (James) were a right pain bonfire night. He weren’t satisfied just to photograph what happened, on no, he had to organise everybody, you know, arrange them artistically. Tell them how to hold their sparklers”

Seems he had Tilly Button (Molly’s sister) in tears. He made her hold a baked potato until it burnt her fingers, and then she dropped it, so couldn’t even finally eat it.

(one assumes he was making her hold it to get the right shot, rather than trying to be sadistic).

[Will] “Vicky told him to stick his camera where the sun don’t shine”

James had been disappointed that Will was just wearing a suit to his wedding. He thought he should be wearing something more traditional. Which Clarrie and Will reckons would have meant a leather jerkin, gun, with his dogs to his heel.

[Clarrie] “Honestly he thinks we’re a bunch of yokels dancing round the maypole with bits of straw stuck in our hair”

[Will] “Well I think he’s a prat”

I think james and Leonie are going to struggle to get their book finished …

Helen’s worried about Pat

[Helen] “You tell her stuff but just nods and says ‘yes dear’ “

[Tony] “She’s tired. That’s all it is. She’ll get over it. Don’t worry love. She’ll be fine”

Tony obviously doesn’t want to tell Helen that Pat’s absent while she obsesses over whether John had a son.

That’ll be best talked through at the Christmas dinner table …

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