Friday, 12 October 2012

An Elizabethan Christmas: Thurs 11.10.12

The Archers Thursday 11th October 2012
  • It’s audition time
  • Mike reckons Jamie and trees are a perfect match
  • How does Robert know about lap dancing clubs?
  • A Shakespearian Selection

It’s audition time

For the Christmas show, though Lynda has a longer list of definite no shows than folks who have agreed to turn out.

Tom, Brenda, Roy, Hayley, Kenton and Jolene reckon they won’t be taking part (aye, Lynda will see about that …).

Neville, Nathon, Susan, Tracey and Kirsty are maybes.

Even Ifty, in his keenness to be part of Ambridge (or, to be more exact, Kirsty) is a maybe.

[Lynda] “He adds something to the cast.”

[Robert] “A degree of masculinity.”

Then Lynda made mention that she has Jazzer in mind for Borachio … isn’t Jazzer masculine enough for all?

Anyhoo – Lynda wants Fallon for the romantic lead. Jim’s also popped in (not to volunteer, more to meddle), and he reads Benedick to her Beatrice. It’s not very … romantic … but luckily enough Rhys also pops by. He reads Benedick, and they’re marvellous together.

Ah, here we go again.

Will Fallon get her leading man this year?

But, there’s not enough volunteers to make a play.

[Lynda] “All the regulars are deserting.”

[Robert] “We’re not going to solve anything hanging about in a deserted village hall at night.”

So they head home for a “large one”.

Mike reckons Jamie and trees are a perfect match

Kathy’s really putting a lot of thought into whether she should let Jamie leave college to be a tree surgeon. She’s even asking Mike’s advice.

She reckons the only time he shows any enthusiasm is when he has a chainsaw (yikes!) or is working with Mike. Jamie just hates college, and doesn’t get good grades.

[Kathy] “Well I don’t know. Is it true? If he left school now, could he really make a career out of tree surgery?”

[Mike] “He’s definitely got a feeling for trees.”

Mike also reckons Jamie has the perfect makings. He’s interested. Asks the right things. Has enthusiasm and uses his brains (when it comes to trees). Any anyway, Jamie would need qualifications, and could possibly do a degree later on. So he wouldn’t be completely abandoning education.

[Mike] “Not every child is academic Kathy, but it don't mean they can’t get on in life, eh?”

Ah, that’s why Mike’s being so positive. He’s thinking of his child, and though she might not get a 1st from Cambridge, it doesn’t mean she won’t have a cracking life.

Though hopefully his wor4ds will encourage Kathy to let Jamie actually be happy.

How does Robert know about lap dancing clubs?

He reads the papers.

Or that’s what he told Lynda …

A Shakespearian Selection

Robert’s really very good at coming up with good ideas.

Lynda’s quite upset that she hasn’t got a sufficient cast for Much Ado … so Robert suggests:

[Robert] “Instead of doing any whole play, what you should do is a Shakespearian selection.”

So, rather than a whole play, folks can do shot speeches, dance, music and the like.

Which will also mean no long rehearsals, with each person doing a turn able to rehearse solo.

Which, in turn, should make it easier for more to volunteer.

[Lynda] “A real Elizabethan Christmas!”

[Robert] “Jugglers, Fire-eaters … “

[Lynda] “Health and safety, Robert.”

[Robert] “They didn’t have to worry about that at The Globe.”

[Lynda] “Didn't it burn down?”

[Robert] “I tell you what, I’ll build you a Globe Theatre.”

[Lynda] “An Elizabethan Christmas … what better way to mark the end of a Jubilee year.”


Shame it’s not a Panto, but.


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