Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jazzer will have to drink at Jaxx: Mon 15.10.12

The Archers Monday 15th October 2012
  • Fallon has competition
  • Jim’s been teaching Jazzer new tunes
  • Jazzer’s gutted
  • James is coming to stay, Matt will be going out
  • Kenton and Rhys might be out of a job
  • Jim obsession with Mike is found out

Fallon has competition

Seems Don (part owner of Jaxx with Jim) wants to interview Fallon. Properly.

[Jim] “He does labour under some illusions of grandeur.”

Problem is, though Kenton knows and trusts Fallon, Don has no ken of her at all.

Kenton assumed far too much. Jim is not amused Kenton has given Fallon such false hope.

[Jim] “Just because swapping jobs work for you.”

Worse still for Fallon, Kirsty and Naomi will also be interviewed for the job. Kirsty’s her pal, and Naomi was temporary manager while Kenton was on holiday.

[Jim] “It’s up to Fallon now to prove her worth.”

[Kenton] “She’s not going to be very impressed, neither will Jolene.”

[Fallon] “A chat, you said, a look see not an interview proper!”

Jim’s been teaching Jazzer new tunes

“You're the cream in my coffee
You're the salt in my stew
You'll always be my necessity
I'd be lost without you”

[Jazzer] “Do you know like it?”

[Fallon] “How do you know it?”

Seems Jim’s been teaching Jazzer Nat King Cole, as well as the classics.

Jazzer’s gutted

Fallon tells Jazzer she might be leaving to work to Jaxx.

[Jazzer] “It will like the day after your birthday, or the day your realise you have to put your favourite t-shirt out for the rags, or the end of a great night, when the music stops and the lights come up.”

Jazzer reckons he won’t even drink in The Bull even more (even though Jim’s is just across the green from it). He’s not looking forward to the cost of taxis to and from Jaxx, as well as having to meet the dress code.


It’s a shame Fallon doesn’t love Jazzer.

He certainly does adore her.

James is coming to stay, Matt will be going out

Well, can anyone blame him?

Kenton and Rhys might be out of a job

Jazzer also has a go at Jim:

[Jazzer] “What’s this about you stealing Fallon away to Jaxx? What you playing it … if you think Kenton's ugly mush behind the bar of my local is gonnae cut it, you're wrang."

So, The Bull might lose one of its most regular punters.

But, potentially worse than Fallon getting the job is Fallon not getting the job.

[Kenton] “As far as Jaxx goes, I’ve pretty much burnt my boats.”

Which means Fallon has to go for the job regardless.

And if she doesn’t get it, Kenton would still need a job, so would still work at the Bull.

Which means Rhys would be out of a job.

[Fallon] “Well done Kenton. All this so that you can get your move … do I lose my job here?”


Kenton’s done it again.

Jim obsession with Mike is found out

Jim doesn’t know how to resize photos to email them, so asks Jazzer to do the honours.

[Jim] “I think young people’s brains must be wired differently when it comes to technology.”

Looking through the photos, Jazzer can’t help but notice the sheer volume of ones of Mike.

[Jazzer] “Putting on his hard hart, holding his chainsaw, Jim, is there something you want to tell me?”

Seems not.

Rather than just tell Jazzer he’s submitting an article about Mike to Borchester Life, Jim clams up.


Surely it’s better for Jazzer to know (and potentially knew Jim’s failure, if his article isn’t accepted), than have Jazzer think Jim loves Mike?

Seemingly not. Jim would rather his failures were kept secret. He must be very secure indeed in his sexuality.

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