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Apple Day 2012: Sun 21.10.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 21st October
  • No coffee for Matt
  • Will’s got a healthy population of young birds
  • Pin the maggot on the apple???
  • Drunk or just nae teeth?
  • Will buys George a toffee apple

No coffee for Matt

Relations in the Dower house are a tad acrimonious … even before James arrives from hospital.

Matt asks Lilian is there was any coffee left in the pot.

Lilian didn’t answer him. She just pored herself the last cup.

Lilian then asks if he can clean the tables and do the dishes, as she has to get to the hospital. He says no, he’s too busy.

[Lilian] “I’ll do it myself. I might have known you wouldn’t lift a finger to help, it’s exactly what I’ve come to expect!”

Matt also doesn’t go with Lilian to hospital, sending a very insincere ‘best’ instead.

[Lilian] “Of course, work was always your priority, even on a Sunday.”

[Matt] “I’m not point scoring Lilian, but someone’s got to keep the business ticking over”.

Later on, not content with going to see James in hospital, Matt adds insult to injury:

[Matt] “Don’t worry, I know he’s in pain, but he was probably playing it up a bit … putting it on a bit to get you sympathy.”

[Lilian] “Next you’ll be saying he’ll be okay to go straight back to London.”

Seriously – why is Matt suddenly doing himself no favours?

Does he actually want Lilian to run off with Paul?

Will’s got a healthy population of young birds

Lucky Will!

(I know … I say the same sort of crass thing every year)

With bookings for the shoot down, Will has plenty to see them right through the season. November and December will be as usual, but they may have to close the season in January due to a lack of demand.

Less bankers with bonuses this year?

Pin the maggot on the apple???


Is that a normal Apple Day activity?

The longest peel competition and toffee apples, I can more than understand.

But pin the maggot on the apple, with the one who pins the maggot closest to the middle wins? Surely that’s just odd.

Drunk or just nae teeth?

As Joe was demonstrating the apple scratter, he sounded most decidedly tipsy.

But it was just that he didn’t have his teeth in. Again.

He’d put them on the scratter somewhere, and reckons they must have fallen in.

[Joe] “They’ve been scrunched to smithereens!”

[Eddie] “Flipping ‘eck, a side of bacon is one thing, a frat even, but a set of false teeth in the cider! … Listen dad, you’ll have to keep your mouth shut. Don’t smile, don’t speak to anyone … I’m not having Jim dock our cider allocation.”


Will buys George a toffee apple

Emma is not amused. She’d already told George that he couldn’t have one.

[Emma] “Thought you’d come over and splash the cash in front of everyone … it’s undermining me, undermining me in front of the kids.”

[Will] “You’re not the only one who has charge of George, and I'm not going to ask your permission for everything I do for him.”


Will has a point. But so does Emma.

Where’s Clarrie? She should be refereeing this one.

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