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Jazzer reads a book: Sun 07.10.12

The Archers Sunday 7th October
  • Eating while reading is not acceptable
  • Jazzer spreads his new found knowledge about the Romans
  • Is organic too expensive?
  • Mike to star in Borchester Life
  • Jim’s a nice chap, really
  • Jazzer’s gran sent Argyle socks
  • Was that fighting, or sex?

Eating while reading is not acceptable

I quite agree with Jim.

Jazzer shouldn’t be reading one of Jim’s books while eating.

[Jim] “I’d prefer it if the pages weren’t covered in greasy finger marks.”

Jazzer’s reasoning is that he’s not a  speedy reader, so it’s likely he won’t need to turn the page anyway.

And, if he does need to turn the page, he’d use a “clean knife”.


That’s okay then.

Jazzer spreads his new found knowledge about the Romans

Not only is Jazzer ready a book about the Romans, he also seems to be absorbing Jim’s mutterings.

Actually, Jazzer seemed genuinely interested about Jim telling him the Romans had created central heating, concrete and asparagus (well, cropped them, at least).

[Jim] “They were a remarkable people. And all from such modest beginnings in Rome.”

[Jazzer] “There’s hope for Ambridge yet.”

[Jim] “I think we have some way to go …”

When Jazzer finally gets to the pigs, he tells Tom all about the Romans.

Seems pigs chew stones rather than use a toothbrush.

Jazzer tells Tom Romans had toothbrushes. And aqueducts. And that 4 in 10 Romans were slaves.

Tom sounded fascinated …

Is organic too expensive?

Jazzer reckons so.

He thinks Tom should stop labelling his pork products as organic, then price them down, then more folks would buy them.

Tom runs the idea by Brenda.

Brenda reckons it’s daft. And that Pat and Tony would be very upset.

(Well, Jazzer does actually have a point. Didn’t the branding expert tell Bridge Farm to downplay the organic element of their brand? Still mention it, but not make a point of it?)

[Tom] “He did tell me some things quite interesting about the Romans”

[Brenda] “So you thought you’d take on his business ideas?”

[Tom] “I should have realised that even exposure to Jim wasn’t going to turn Jazzer into Warren Buffet overnight.”

But maybe Jazzer is starting to make sense. What a  difference a day with Jim makes.

Mike to star in Borchester Life

Jim asks Mike to be his ‘interesting person’ for his Borchester Life article.

Mike agrees.

Though may not have done so if he’d realised Jim had asked Ruth first. Jim sneakily told Mike he’d thought of him first.

Jim’s a nice chap, really

[Jim] “By the way, with regards to your lovely daughter, for what it’s worth, I think you’re doing the right thing.”

Now while Jim may be a bit of a pompous chap at times, he does say the right things sometimes.

And it was an entirely genuine sentiment to Vicky and Mike. Completely unprompted.

Good chap indeed.

Jazzer’s gran sent Argyle socks


Was that fighting, or sex?

Or sex and fighting?

I think it might have been both.

Anyhoo, it was a film Jazzer was watching when Jim came home.

[Jim] "He has just fought a lion, I do suppose he needs a lie down … she doesn’t seem to be bothered about tending to his wounds either.”

They also spot an old man hiding behind the curtain while the other man and woman have a wee lie down.

[Jim] “If that’s his personal sword, it’s quite the wrong shape.”

Jazzer stops him there. Not because it’s a euphemism. Jim is taking about actual swords.

Jazzer’s had a hard day at work. He wants to relax and watch the film, not to listen to a history lesson.
Jim settles down.

And they order pizza.

Maybe this Odd Couple Part 2 will work after all.

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