Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ed wants Emma to go: Tues 16.10.12

(to London)

The Archers Tuesday 16th October 2012
  • Ed feels rubbish Emma can’t go to the ball
  • Kirsty’s nonplussed, Naomi’s a “monster”
  • Lynda wants performers

Ed feels rubbish Emma can’t go to the ball

Ed’s found Emma’s invite to her friend’s wedding in London. He wants her to go.

[Emma] “Of course I want to Ed, but when did I last get to do what I want? … One, it’s a wedding, two it’s in London, three it’s a posh wedding, four it’s in London, five I’d have to get a present and six I’ve got nothing to wear.”

Goodness me – such negativity in one so young!

Though Emma has a point that she’s really no right to be going to a “posh” wedding in London when George needs new jeans that they can’t afford, and they have bills to pay but no money to pay them.

(I’ll say it again … get a  job Emma!)

Later trying to find Fallon to see if she could lend Emma some clothes, Ed tells Eddie his woes.

[Ed] “I’d love to be able to do that for her … I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THAT FOR HER!!!!”

Poor Ed.

And poor Eddie. He’s just as skint, and can’t even offer them a lend.

[Ed] “It’s alright dad, I didn’t expect a bail out.”

[Eddie] “I only wish I could.”

Kirsty’s nonplussed, Naomi’s a “monster”
Fallon’s in a flap about her interview for the manager of Jaxx.

Kirsty’s very quick to reassure that she doesn’t want the job (she only wants to work their part time – quite happy also working part time at Ambridge Organics). And she reckons Naomi also won’t be any competition as she’s a “monster”.

But Fallon’s not convinced. She’d like to pull out of the interview, but that would mean no job for Rhys. If she goes for the interview and doesn’t get the job, that would mean no job for Rhys.

[Kirsty] “What you decide can’t help Rhys either way.”

Lynda wants performers

Lynda’s on the hunt for a cast.

Kirsty tries to say no,, but Lynda isn’t listening.

Fallon’s already said yes, and now needs other “ladies” to join her in singing Hey Nonny Nonny. Though she has Pat and Molly Button, she doesn’t sound too sure that’ll be sufficient.

Susan will be “Mistresses of the Wardrobe”, with Vicky assisting.

Jim’s still not been persuaded to take part, which Lynda is none too amused about.

[Lynda] “You’re not giving me excuses?”

[Kirsty] “Some of us tried!”

Every year it’s the same. Why do Ambridge residents even bother saying no to Lynda when they must know if she wants them on the stage, she’ll get them on the stage.

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