Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ed’s not providing: Mon 08.10.12

The Archers Monday 8th October 2012
  • Even the guinea pig doesn’t want those biscuits
  • Fallon’s still depressed
  • Lynda’s (forcibly) recruiting
  • Jim’s had a late night
  • David tries to support Ed
  • Britain in Bloom rumbles on
  • Ed has chocolate, and remembers the carefree days

Even the guinea pig doesn’t want those biscuits

Things are still very grim and Ed and Emma’s.

There’s not enough bread. Now not enough soup. And only just enough cheese for Ed to have a tiny wee bit.

But he can have some biscuits.

The horrible ones that neither Ed nor George like – even the guinea pig doesn’t want them.

For pity sake – GO BACK TO WORK EMMA!!!!

Fallon’s still depressed

Now that Jolene and Kenton are back, Fallon no longer has the freedom to manage The Bull as she’s wish to.

Though I suspect her depression might have something to do with Rhys being away in Wales.

Lynda’s (forcibly) recruiting

Lynda’s after both Kenton and Fallon to star in her village extravaganza.

[Lynda] “Marvellous, I can kill two birds in one bar.”

[Kenton] “I hope not, we’ve only just the carpet cleaned.”

I think (especially Kenton) will take a heck of a lot of persuading.

He doesn’t sound keen at all.

Jim’s had a late night

He and Jazzer sat up late last night watching their film. And drinking lager.

And doesn’t Jim feel awful today!

He reckons Jazzer and he are “brainwashing” each other.

David tries to support Ed

[David] “I don’t think it’s ever been tougher than this year.”

Though David admits both Phil and Dan would have also said the same about any of their years.

Only difference is the sheer cost of living these days.

Obviously spotting that not all’s well at Ed and Emma’s, David tells Ed he can talk to him anytime he likes.

[David quoting Dan] “And may the weather be kinder to farmers.”

Well, think Ed needs more than a bit of sunshine.

Britain in Bloom rumbles on

It may be over for the rest of us, but Lynda still has Britain in Bloom very much in mind.

She’s giving Kenton a row about not keeping The Bull’s outside as tidy as it could be.

After all, Ambridge is going to get a plaque for placing this year.

Ed has chocolate, and remembers the carefree days

Fallon catches Ed coming out of the village shop, gulping down a chocolate bar.

[Fallon] “And they make out chocolate’s a girl thing!”

Seems Ed is wishing for more carefree times. They get onto how he used to sing in their band. Now he doesn’t even sing in the shower.

[Ed] “I can’t believe we were in a band … young, free, single.”

[Fallon, not exactly revelling in being single] “You can have too much of a good thing.”

[Ed] “You can too little as well  …”

Though Ed loves Emma, and being a family, it’s not exactly a barrel of laughs at the moment.

[Ed] “It’s just, it’s tough working it all out, right now, it’s  … look, don’t say this to anyone … right now the business isn’t paying its way. I’ve had to cut what I’m I;m paying myself and things are pretty tight … I hate feeling I’m not providing for them. I hate letting them down … if working harder would make any difference, it’s what I’d do … and Will, he just flashes his money all around …”

Oh dear.

Ed really is hitting rock bottom.

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