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The Bull has a pub quiz: Fri 05.10.12

The Archers Friday 5th October
  • Seemingly Gobshite isn’t in The Times cryptic crossword
  • Matt and Lilian are still arguing
  • No-one will play with David
  • Plans for Apple Day
  • Rhys can’t stay away
  • Derek Fletcher has a wig?
  • Tom still has no kitchen

Seemingly Gobshite isn’t in The Times cryptic crossword

Jim really isn’t impressed with Jazzer trying to help him and Christine with their crossword.

His rather ridiculous suggestions have simply spoiled their routine.

But Jazzer’s routines certainly haven’t been spoiled by living with Jim.

[Jazzer] “A lot of women would pass out if I gave them a compliment.”

Aye. Still the same ego driven, bordering on sexist, Jazzer McCreary.

And it would seem Jazzer’s charisma has won round Jim.

[Jim] “In some ways I find Jazzer quite … admirable … if you consider, he’s never had the advantages we had … he wishes his father had stayed around.”

Jazzer’s also told him that his mum had numerous boyfriends. And that his brothers encourage him to mischief.

[Jim] “But where it might have crushed most people’s spirit, he’s retained a real spark … he has a genuine thirst to find out how the world works.”

[Christine] “Up to a point …”

Jazzer’s ploy of asking for a book about Greek Mythology seems to have worked wonders on Jim. He’s now under the impressions that Jazzer is an “avid reader.”


How long before Jazzer truly reveals himself, horrifying Jim in every way possible?

Maybe will take a while.

Jazzer certainly seems to have the measure of Jim

[Jazzer] “You have to steer him off roman poetry and crosswords before you fall asleep .”

Matt and Lilian are still arguing

Which begs the questions why on earth Matt even bothered with the Paris trip.

He was obviously worried about Paul being back in the village, but hasn’t kept up with spoiling Lilian, reminding her why she’s with him.

No-one will play with David

David’s taken a rare night away from the farm to take part in The Bull quiz.

But he’s having trouble joining a team.

Joe, Bert and Bob Pullen don’t want him.

[David] “They are holding out for Derek Fletcher … it would break a lesser man.”

[Tom] “They must be expecting a song from the shows round. He always cleans up on that.”

So David eventually joins Brenda and Tom.

[Brenda] “Oh please, we’re absolutely desperate!”

Well, that’s not quite a compliment.

Plans for Apple Day

They’ll be demonstrating the cider press. Showing photos of the Community Orchard, how it came to be. Bobbing for apples. And an apple and spoon race.

Sounds marvellous!

(I kid you not)

Rhys can’t stay away

It’s his night off, but Rhys is in The Bull. He reckons he wants a pint and some company.

More to do with Fallon that company, plural?

Derek Fletcher has a wig?

Everyone reckons so.

Seems it’s not as discreet as he’d like it to be …

Tom still has no kitchen

The rent’s too high on the unit next to him.

[Tom] “I’ve got a ticking clock on my first order for ready meals, and no idea where I’m going to make them.”

Wish I could feel sorry for Tom.

But I can’t.

I still wish him every bit of bad luck going (the odious little creep!)

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