Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fallon’s first job interview: Mon 22.10.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 22nd October 2012
  • Fallon has to prove herself
  • Truffles for the sick boy
  • At least Lilian has Paul

Fallon has to prove herself

Probably the worst thing Fallon could have done before he interview was to talk to Kenton.

She’s worried about the differences between what she’s used to at The Bull, and what’s done at Jaxx. Especially things like cocktails and wine.

[Kenton] “It’s a bistro. Not the ivy.”

That’s helpful.

But, Kenton does have some good advice:

[Kenton] “I’ll tell you what gives you the edge. It’s that creativity … that’s what makes you special … it’s the perfect place for all your ideas.”

Fallon has to wait an extra 20 minutes while Naomi’s interview runs over. Naomi also leaves her interview with a “big grin” on her face.

Pity Fallon couldn’t be so positive about her interview. Though Jim was nodding and smiling at her, Don didn’t give much away.

[Fallon] “It felt like what I was saying was being swallowed up into some black hole.”

Oh dear. That didn’t sound good.

Truffles for the sick boy

James is insufferable at his best … he’s a nightmare now he has a broken leg.

Hospital most definitely does not suit him:

[James] “My day is only punctuated by sound of some idiot on the TV building, making over or selling a house, and by the delivery of meals.”

(well, he could turn the TV off, for starters)

Lilian’s been shopping for him though, making sure he has healthy food for when he gets back to the Dower House.

Including truffles.

James also has a rather hefty list of things Lilian needs to do for him. Including getting everything from out of his (totalled) car, driving to London to pick up stuff from his flat, and a shopping list for Borchester.

He later begs Lilian to discharge him early. Alongside the TV and food, he’s also finding it hard to sleep.

[James] “Stuck here between the snoring champion of South Borchester on my left and on my right the marathon night mumbler … I can’t wait to come and stay with you. No one looks after me like you do, ma.”

At least Lilian has Paul

Paul called to see how James was.

Lilian was ever delighted to hear from him.

I wonder.

Is Paul just making all of the right noises to get Lilian’s attention? Or does he really give a hoot about her family?

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