Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lynda’s spinning lama wool: Wed 03.10.12

The Archers Wednesday 3rd October 2012
  • A baby blanket made of lama wool
  • Vicky cries for her daughter
  • Jazzer moves in with Jim
  • Comparing Ifty to Tom
  • Alice could get a job
  • Fallon’s feeling lonely

A baby blanket made of lama wool

Is what Lynda’s making for Vicky.

[Lynda] “There’s quite an art to spinning and knitting with Lama wool … as the yarn twists, my own tension seems to unwind.”

But, as Lynda then moves on to explaining casting (in great detail), Vicky starts to cry.

But it’s not that she now has to pretend to like a lama blanket (actually, I would quite like one of those) … it’s far more serious than that.

Vicky cries for her daughter

While at work today, Vicky was shown pictures of her work mate’s daughter.

The daughter is one of those who have done very worthy things, all around the world. Volunteered to help children abroad, and all that.

[Vicky] “My little girl’s never going to do that, is she any of it. Travelling on her own. Seeing the world.”

[Lynda] “Oh Vicky, she might travel. And even if she doesn’t think of the things she will do. She might be an actress, or love painting ....”

[Vicky] “No matter how much I care for her and love her, she’ll never be able to fly the nest like that.”

[Lynda] “No, not quite, but she can become very independent.”

[Vicky] “She’s not even born yet and so many doors are slamming shut.” 
[Lynda] “But Vicky, she’s very lucky to have a mother like you, who will do her damndest to push a lot of them open again.”

[Vicky] “I can’t change how my little girl is …”

Well, Vicky will have been thinking it. So probably best she’s able to talk it through with a friend.

We left her and Lynda sobbing …

Jazzer moves in with Jim

Christine’s first night with Jazzer was not a happy one.

(for ‘with’ don’t read anything into it … ‘with’ as in in the same house with, rather than ‘with’ with …)

Seems Christine is a light sleeper, and was woken by Jazzer as he left early hours for work.

[Jazzer] “I’m sorry about that. It’s poor thanks for a favour.”

So, Jim steps in.

Jazzer doesn’t seem like he’s bothered about where he stays. I’ve still no idea why he can’t stay with his mum …

[Jazzer] “I get my ain key?”

[Jim] “Unless you intent to teleport yourself in …”

Jim’s rules are that there’s no smoking, even in the garden. No guests. And no loud music.

[Jim] “As long as we treat each other with respect and due consideration at all times, I’m sure we’ll get on well.”

Jazzer’s out to impress from the off.

Before he retires for the night, he asks to borrow a book on Greek Myths.

What a sook!

Comparing Ifty to Tom

Kirsty seems to becoming “an item” with Ifty.

She’s enjoying being with him. It’s seemingly easy.

In fact, the last time she connected this way with a bloke was Tom …

… really?

Tom, easy to be with?

Alice could get a job

If she gets her degree.

But at least she has the job offer on the table. A development engineer with an aircraft equipment supplier.

Sounds well paid.

Fallon’s feeling lonely
[Kirsty] “Where’s the party girl gone, Fallon?”

[Fallon] “I dunno, the whole world just seems to go round in pairs … these day I’d much rather be in a relationship that means something, then just settle for a quick thrill. At the moment, the only way that’s going to happen is if I buy myself a cat.”

All together now … Rhys!!!


caroline_venezia said...

Don't you think it's lovely that for once, Lynda is getting to show what a nice, caring person she is - instead of people laughing at her or avoiding her?

What do you think Jim is up to, inviting Jazzer to move in? Surely he must have an ulterior motive? But I've no idea what it could be.

Inga McVicar said...

Yes - I concur.

I do like Lynda. She may be annoying to some, but always a genuine lady.

I think Jim's bored and a bit lonely. He sees Jazzer as a new project?

caroline_venezia said...

I think you're right - nothing else seems to be going on. And Jazzer does seem to be behaving himself in gratitude!

Inga McVicar said...

They're quite sweet together ;)