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Brenda gets revenge on James: Tues 30.10.12 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 30th October 2012
  • James is losing money and getting fat
  • Angels on horseback, Devils on horseback … Tom’s a bore!
  • Brenda’s revenge serves cold (soup)
  • Is Matt jealous of James?

James is losing money and getting fat

Though he does seem to like his bell. It’s certainly getting a lot of use.

Not so cheerful for James is that he’s lost a client. Seems this one likes face-to-face only, so sacked him.

[Matt] “Lucky escape for someone .. .you’d have to be desperate, I wouldn’t trust him to manage a flea circus … he’s an amateur who’s learned the jargon.”

(‘consultants’ seem to be akin to the devil these days)

James also thinks he’s getting “flab”, lying around all day. That doesn’t stop him eating. Though Lilian has had to go out, so the food isn’t up to the usual standard.

Mushroom soup in a pouch.

Worse still, it means James is at the mercy of Matt.

[Matt] “She’s gone, you’ve got nurse ratchet instead.”

Matt asks James if he wants a sandwich with his soup. James says no. Then says yes. But Matt now won’t make him one.

Let the duel commence … :

[James] “You know, it’s not easy being trapped in sleepy old Ambridge. I feel like a tagged prisoner.”

Course, that’s a dig at Matt. Which Matt reckons James must have been thinking up for a while.

So Matt puts the remote out of James’ reach.

[Matt] “You know what they say, a man’s reach should always exceed his grasp, old chap.”

And with that, Matt walks out and leaves Brenda to cope with the bell ringing James.

Angels on horseback, Devils on horseback … Tom’s a bore!

Poor Lilian.

She got cornered by Tom. He was wittering on about Jolene’s suggestion that he should make Angels on Horseback.

Which starts thinking about the differences between Angels and Devil’s.

Seems an Angel is an oyster (wrapped in bacon), a Devil is a prune (wrapped in bacon).

AND, Pigs in Clover is sausages in a backed tattie.


It was enough to send Lilian back to the hell that currently in the Dower House.

Brenda’s revenge serves cold (soup)

[James] “It’s cock up catering services with ma off the premises.”

James really is oblivious. He must surely have noticed that Brenda doesn’t like him (after their murky past), yet that doesn’t stop him making demands of her.

[James] “Could you show some beverage leadership and bring me a coffee?”

So Brenda takes away his bell until he “learns manners”.

She’d also not heated his soup up properly on purpose.

[Tom] “It’s true then, revenge is best served cold.”


Is Matt jealous of James?

That’s what Paul reckons (when he calls Lilian).

She explains that James was hit hard when his dad died (when James was so young). And that she has mothered him a bit too much.

I suppose that could explain why James is such an odious creep.

But I think Matt would have been disagreeable to any offspring of Lilian’s.

He just didn’t want kids.

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