Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Joyce is in hospital: Mon 01.10.12

The Archers Monday 1st October 2012
  • Lilian wants Matt back in bed
  • There’s nowt wrong with fish paste!
  • Joyce has a hairline fracture
  • Guinea pig!

Lilian wants Matt back in bed

Seems Paris is still with them after all …

There’s nowt wrong with fish paste!

There’s a lack of bread supply at Ed and Emma’s again. So Ed had to do without at breakfast.

But, Emma has brought sandwiches down while he milks.

Which Ed is grateful for.

Until he realises they’re fish paste. Which starts him moaning again

[Emma] “You know there’s hardly any housekeeping money left, so why do you have to be so difficult!”

Quite right too Emma.

She’s only managing with what they have, and what on earth is wrong with fish paste!

(can’t believe I’m taking Emma’s side for once!)

Joyce has a hairline fracture

Seems Joyce fell on Friday, and Arthur had been trying to get hold of Lilian all week.

He was mainly concerned to tell her that their rent would be late – he didn’t want to give Matt an excuse to kick them out.

After Lilian has been round to see Arthur, and the state of their home, she’s beyond furious with Matt.

She blames Matt for leaving them without proper flooring. Matt blames Lilian for making him take Darrell off the job. Lilian blames Matt for taking him off – after all, she had no idea what state he’d left Joyce and Arthur’s house in.

So, Lilian is completely taking over Joyce and Arthur’s/

[Matt] “Oh don’t be so stupid!”

[Lilian] “Don’t you dare say that. There is  woman in hospital because you’ve bee  so damn careless!”


I think Paris is now a forgotten memory.

Guinea pig!

Will turned up at Ed and Emma’s with a cage.

He’s bought George a guinea pig.

Emma’s horrified.

[Ed] “She’ll be alright Em, it’s not exactly Godzilla”

Emma’s worried about the additional cost.

[Ed] “It’s one more reason for George to like being there instead of there.”

And staying on a positive note:

[Ed] “Reckon it’ll taste a lot better than fish paste!”

I think Emma might be slightly more annoyed about Will not talking to them first.

And as a great fan of guinea pigs, I do worry it’ll be looked after properly (though I suppose Ed and Emma can get veg and grass easily enough)

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