Monday, 15 October 2012

Emma’s been invited to a wedding: Sun 14.10.12

The Archers Sunday 14th October 2012
  • Fallon’s never been for a job before
  • The Bull’s dishwasher is very noisy
  • Emma has a guinea pig, Pip gets to ski
  • Rhys isn’t interested?

Fallon’s never been for a job before

[Jolene] “Working at The Bull is all she’s ever known.”

Lucky Fallon!

Kenton’s confused. He thinks he’s offering Fallon a “golden opportunity” to manage Jaxx, and quite believe she still hasn’t made her kind up whether to or not.

Part of Fallon’s worry is the interview. She’s never had to do one before.

Kenton reckons she won’t really be interviewed for Jaxx.

[Kenton] “Giving her the once over.”

Fallon seems to believe Kenton’s guarantees, and says yes.

[Jolene] “Just spare a thought for me, stuck here with him.”

[Kenton] “What, your willing slave doing all the heavy work? You’ll have never had it so good.”

The Bull’s dishwasher is very noisy

Even for an industrial one. I could barely hear Jolene and Kenton talking.

Emma has a guinea pig, Pip gets to ski

[Pip] “That’s so unfair, some time to yourself and you’re on guinea pig duty.”

(seriously – will someone save that guinea pig? It should be a pleasure, not a chore, to look after it)

Pip’s going on a skiing holiday after Christmas. She’s got new clothes, and is quite excited.

Emma’s been invited to a wedding.

In London.

Which gets Pip excited again.

[Pip] “WOW! … A posh wedding in London, hot often does that come around?”

(has Pip never been to London?)

Seems Emma’s invite is from Jody, a girl she went to school with. Emma reckons she was the “one that got away”, and then met a rich bloke. Sounds like that’s exactly what Emma wishes had happened to her.

But, Emma can’t afford to go. Amongst all the other cost, she hasn’t got anything to wear.

Pip offers her some of her clothes:

[Emma] “We’re not really the same shape …”

[Pip] “I suppose not. I’m quite a bill taller than you.”

(hmmm. Who’s the ‘larger’ lady out of the two, do we think?)

Rhys isn’t interested?

Fallon tells Rhys about Kenton’s offer. Rhys is excited for her.

[Rhys] “You're made for it. I’m so pleased Kenton’s recognised your talent.”


Doesn’t that sound like Rhys isn’t too bothered he won’t get to work with Fallon anymore? Maybe he isn’t interested in her.

Or is he just a good chap, being happy for her rather than thinking of his own needs.


caroline_venezia said...

"hmmm. Who’s the ‘larger’ lady out of the two, do we think?"

Interesting ponder! I seem to remember Emma being quite skinny in photos of her wedding & during the whole love triangle thing. Maybe Pip is a more muscular build - with shoving cows around & stuff? I can picture her in dungarees.

Inga McVicar said...

Ah, I have it the other way round in my mind. Emma's settled, so has the wee tummy developing (though maybe not recently, with their lack of money for food). But Pip is active, so yup, has the muscles, but also a wee waist line.

Interestly how we all picture them differently!

caroline_venezia said...