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Jazzer waits up for Jim: Tues 09.10.12

The Archers Tuesday 9th October 2012
  • Jazzer’s grateful to the Romans
  • Jim’s “improving” Jazzer
  • Where had Lilian been?
  • Borchester Life readers won’t appreciate Horace
  • Jazzer’s proving to be Jim’s better half

Jazzer’s grateful to the Romans

He’s still on about how the Romans made concrete (and the like), so we should all be very, very grateful to them.

[Darrell] “And I though they were just a  bunch of boys in skirts.”

[Jazzer] “What’s wrang wae that?!?”

(ha! Scotsman wear kilts … though I’m sure you got that one!)

Jim’s “improving” Jazzer

[Jim] “Jazzer’s got the most incredible stamina. He came in last night about 2 … there was a slight altercation with the umbrella stand … in at 2, and he was still up for the milk round at 5. When I asked him, he said it was just a  typical Saturday.”

[Shula] “It was Monday.”

[Jim] “Quite!”

[Shula] “But from what I’ve heard, Jazzer’s barely housetrained,. Brenda said when she was staying with them, it was like having a feral cat in the house.”

Ah – but, according to Jim, Jazzer’s just never had any boundaries. No rules, or guidance, to keep him right.

[Jim] “He’s never had the opportunity for any sort of self-improvement.”

And that’s where Jim sees himself as helping Jazzer to be a better Jazzer.

[Alastair] “The noble savage, eh dad?”

Jim wouldn’t take it that far, but he has agreed that Jazzer can stay (indefinitely?).

Alongside all the talk of self-improvement, it seems Jim simply likes having Jazzer around. He enjoys Jazzer’s company.

Where had Lilian been?

Earlier on in the day, Lilian had cornered Darrell to find out exactly what Matt had told him to do to Joyce and Arthur’s.

Darrell’s very upset that Joyce got hurt, and swears beyond blind to Lilian that he thought someone else would take over after he’d left.

(actually, do we believe Darrell believe that? More a case of out of sight, out of mind?)

Lilian releases him of all blame.

Then he mentions Paul, as he talks about his new job. Seems Paul had asked after Lilian …

[Lilian] “If you’re speaking to Paul again, give him m best wishes won’t you. But only if you’re speaking to him again.”


Later on, Lilian’s late home.

Matt was worried. He’d even rung Jill to check to see when Lilian had left hers.

Lilian must have been seriously late to make Matt even notice.

Where was she, I wonder …

Borchester Life readers won’t appreciate Horace

Jim’s finished his article about Mike for Borchester Life, so asks Alastair to have a read through.

[Alastair] “Your article isn’t their usual style, is it?”

[Jim] “I hardly want to add to the pile of meretricious rubbish they usually publishing.”

Oh dear. That doesn’t sound like an apt attitude.

And it gets worse when Alastair actually reads the article. Jim has quoted Horace in the opening lines.

[Alastair] “I don’t think you should be lapsing into Latin at all.”

Jim does not concur. He wishes to speak to the more intelligent reader of Borchester Life, which Alastair thinks would be a tiny minority. He cites a recent Borchester Life feature: “If you want to get a head, get a hat!”

[Jim] “Cliché, gush and arrant snobbery!”

[Alastair] “If you want a sale, you’ll have to rejig this … Think Sabrina Thwaite.”

Good god!

Will Jim really stoop that low?

Jazzer’s proving to be Jim’s better half

When Jim got back home, Jazzer was asleep in the living room. Jazzer had stayed up to make sure Jim got back okay, but had dropped off.

Jazzer had also done the dishes. Taken the bins out. And reminds Jim to rake the fire and put the guard up before he goes to bed himself.

Seems Jazzer is genuinely grateful to be getting his “heid down in a  decent gaff”. And he’s delighted Jim has taught him the wonders of how to reheat a pizza properly.


What a lovely couple.

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