Saturday, 20 October 2012

Paul rescues Lilian: Fri 19.10.12

The Archers Friday 19th October 2012
  • It’s the same night as the day before
  • Of course he wouldn’t leave Lilian alone
  • Brian gets his man
  • James’ car has a waiting list
  • The Rotarians are tiring Kathy
  • Jamie makes Kathy a cup of tea
  • Jamie wants to work for himself

It’s the same night as the day before

How odd.

That means we’ll never get to hear what happened in Ambridge on Friday 19th October 2012 .

I hope the trickery and randomness of Ambridge Extra isn’t going to influence our usual microphone placing people …

I also got confused with my notes yesterday. It was only tonight that Jennifer gets home to find out Alice has her MSC.

How confusing!

Of course he wouldn’t leave Lilian alone

[Paul] “It’s no good, you’re not going to get a skinny mochachino, no foam, out of that thing.”

Lilian called, Paul came running.

[Paul] “Lilian, of course I came. There’s no way I’d leave you on your own with this.”

Paul sits with Lilian, and helps her to get some answers, only leaving when Lilian’s allowed to see James … and in case Matt turns up (which is unlikely. Matt will still be boozing with his mates).

Paul returns later to drive Lilian back home in her own car, stopping off at a pub to then get a taxi back to his.

Inconvenient, but that’s what one does for the one one loves. (eh Matt)

[Paul] “I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing anything else.”

Brian gets his man

Rob said yes.

That’ll mean we’ll be welcoming some new Ambridge residents soon.

James’ car has a waiting list

James has an nondisplaced spiral fracture of the tibia.

[James] “and they keep telling me I’m lucky”

He didn’t need an operation, but will have his leg in plaster for three months, and won’t be able to walk properly for another couple of months after that.

[James] “How am I going to manage? Oh Ma!”

Well, he’ll be managing because Lilian will be looking after him. She’s insisting he comes to stay at the Dower House.

Seems his car didn’t come out of it so well. It’s a complete write off.

Though the car let him down:

[James] “I shouldn’t have been hurt at all with all the safety features it has.”

He is more worried about the car than himself:

[James] “Do you have any idea how long the waiting list is for that model, in that colour!?!”

He reckons he wasn’t speeding, and had been drinking … though he does admit (to Lilian) that he was going fast.

The Rotarians are tiring Kathy

Though she didn’t really reveal how and why …

Jamie makes Kathy a cup of tea

Without being asked to!

That boy really is growing up.

Jamie wants to work for himself

So Jamie’s big plan is to work with Mike, then start up his own business. He reckons he could take that business anywhere in the world.

Kathy’s worried about how secure that would be for him, but Jamie pointed out that no job is secure these days.

It sounds like Kathy is actually listening to Jamie, and that Jamie has started to think this through properly.

What a shocker.

No shouting to be found in the Perks’ household!

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