Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tom terrifies Brenda: Wed 10.10.12

The Archers Wednesday 10th October 2012
  • Matt’s playing it dumb
  • Tom has a freezer (but still not a kitchen)
  • Phoebe nae mates
  • Jamie nae mates
  • James is coming home next week
  • Tom’s chosen his and Brenda’s home

Matt’s playing it dumb

Matt’s have a casual chat with Lilian about Darrell’s new work at St. Matthews, restoring the Lady Chapel. He’s wondering if it’s a local firm doing the work …

He knows.

She knows.

One would have thought Matt would be slightly nicer to Lilian, considering Paul is back.

Tom has a freezer (but still not a kitchen)

Seems a place which stores frozen food has lost an order, so can store Tom’s ready meals. (How riveting!).

I’m not entirely sure how that helps, considering Tom hasn’t got a kitchen. Which surely means that he can’t cook the meals to then freeze them.

Ach well, he seems happy enough.

Phoebe nae mates

Phoebe had arranged to go to the picture with her friends. Then they called to say they were going to an earlier showing, which meant she couldn’t get there in time.

[Phoebe] “They obliviously didn’t want me.”

But at least she has Josh.

Who seems to be spending a lot of time doing work at her place.

[Josh] “I can’t believe you don’t like strimming!”

Well, Phoebe does. Just not next to the electric fence.

[Phoebe] “It’s weird, it was actually easier to go to South Africa and make new friends than trying to get in with the old ones.”

Phoebe reckons her Ambridge friends have “bonded more” while she was away. Well, young lassies will be young lassies.

Josh was wondering if Phoebe’s friends were being “funny” because of Vicky and Mike’s baby.

[Phoebe] “No. I told everyone straight out that the baby has down’s … I’m not embarrassed about it, Josh.”

Good girl.

Jamie nae mates

Kathy’s worrying about Jamie (again).

He doesn’t like College. He hasn’t got any friends at College, what with Marty being in the year below, and him having split up with Natalie.

What’s she pondering? Will she let Jamie leave to go cut down trees?

James is coming home next week


Tom’s chosen his and Brenda’s home

Seems Tom’s plan has always been to build his and Brenda’s own house on Bridge Farm land.

As they’re out walking:

[Brenda] “Your pigs have got the best view on the farm.”

Seems they’re up a hill, where Tom used to make holly dens with Helen and John. Happy memories, and (what Tom hopes) will be a happy future.

[Tom] “I feel so lucky, to make a living out of what I love doing. And having a future at Bridge Farm.”

He then shows Brenda the perfect spot for their house … Brenda sounds scared.

When will Tom notice that Brenda is truly not that keen on taking about their future? He seemed to get it when he spoke to Pat the other day, but also seems to just as quickly forget … and push Brenda into a conversation she doesn’t want.

This doesn’t feel like it’s going to end well for Tom.

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