Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Josh is a proper chicken botherer: Mon 29.10.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 29th October 2012
  • The chickens or Phoebe?
  • Emma accepts a £6.99 wizard costume is better than a sheet
  • Ed’s cows are bulling
  • Emma’s spent the water bill money
  • Brookfield’s going out for pizza

The chickens or Phoebe?

Josh is back at Hayley and Neil’s chickens again.

He’s fixing a plank that had come lose, and Phoebe had tripped on.

Neil explains that the chicken’s was something he and Betty had started. Then Hayley took it over, but it’s been proving a job too much.

Josh wants to work the chickens.

Neil agrees. Josh will do every weekend, feeding, collecting and scraping. Hayley will still pack and grade them.

Josh will get a whopping £30 a week, and is on a three month trial. But, that all depends on the Council agreeing (oh good god!).

[David] “With you being a youngster.”

[Josh] “No one says youngsters!”

Question is – is Josh just working for the love of a woman …?

Emma accepts a £6.99 wizard costume is better than a sheet

Emma’s calmed down today.

She’s happy (ish) for George to go to the Safari with Will. And she’s happy George has a proper outfit for Halloween. She wants George to:

[Emma] “Go around the village in a decent outfit and not an old sheet.”

Seems like she’s got a bit of perspective.

Well, until one of Ed’s cows starts hobbling …

Ed’s cows are bulling

Which means they’re mounting each other. Like a bull. But they’re girls.

(they could just be ladies’ ladies)

One of them came off badly (as it were). She’s now crossing her feet, trying to keep her weight off her claw. Which means she’s either fractured it, or she’s got ulcers.

After Alastair’s been round, the cow will have to be on blocks for 2 or 3 months. And the vet bill won’t be too cheap.

The car tax is also due.


‘Grim’ is starting to be an understatement.

Emma’s spent the water bill money

Neil’s popped over to see Emma, just as she opens her water bill.

She’s a tad upset.

Neil’s also a tad upset when he realises that Emma hasn’t had any lunch. Only cake mid-afternoon. He gives her £10 to help out.

(actually, couldn’t Emma have done the chickens?)

When Ed gets home, he’s furious to find that the money they’d been putting aside to pay the water bill is gone. Emma has spent it.

[Ed] “What on?!?”

[Emma] “What do you think, just day to day stuff  … I had no choice Ed. I ran out of money.”

Brookfield’s going out for pizza

To celebrate Josh’s job.

[Josh] “Ah cool, mum. Saves you having to heat one up at home.”


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