Friday, 19 October 2012

James in hospital: Thurs 18.10.12

The Archers Thursday 18th October 2012
  • Keith hasn’t been sentenced
  • Joyce will be home soon
  • James has been in an accident
  • An all-male shortlist … the thrill!
  • Brian needs punched!

Keith hasn’t been sentenced

Goodness, I’d forgotten about Keith.

They’re doing a pre-sentence and psychiatrist report before he’s sentenced.

[Jennifer] “Psychiatric … wonder what that will come up with!”

Steady on Jennifer.

I wouldn’t be too quick to laugh at him … his is family, after all.

Joyce will be home soon

Which is nice. Though sounds like Lilian will miss her one-on-one chats with Arthur.

James has been in an accident
Lilian get a call to say James has been in a car crash.

She rushes off to the hospital, but can’t get through to Matt (I think he was off on a  lads’ night out?).

Though it seems James isn’t too badly hurt. He has a leg injury that may require an operation.

[Lilian] “I might need to nip outside, I need to have a … make a phone call.”

Lilian still can’t get Matt. She also can’t get through to Jennifer.

So who does she call next?






Indeed not.

When Lilian does finally manage to get Matt to answer his phone, he’s very untroubled and unconcerned that James is hurt. He’s more interested in staying at his lads’ do.

[Matt] “Give you a  ring when it wraps up, and if you’re still stuck there, I’ll come and find you … there’s nothing I can do there, I’m not a doctor.”

Lilian tries to tell him that she just needs him there, to be there with her. So that she isn’t alone.

[Matt] “I better go. It’s the cigar break.”

[Lilian] “You ba …. !!!”

So, Lilian calls Paul (of course).

Now I know Matt can be an arse in any situation, but it’s really very odd that he’s not even faking concern about James, just to keep Lilian happy.

Very strange that he made the effort to take Lilian to Paris (trying to sweeten her now that Paul is back around), but now is completely disinterested.

That’ll make things far easier for his half-brother to steal away Matt’s Puss …

An all-male shortlist … the thrill!

Brian’s got the shortlist for the Super Dairy manager down to five.

Though he wants a chap called Rob Titchener to take the job. But Rob needs to talk to his wife first, which annoys Brian.

[Jennifer] “That’s rich coming from you, I’m not always the first person you tell about your businesses decisions, quite the reverse, or even your personal ones for that matter.”

Not sure why we’re spending so much time listening in on Brian’s staffing issues.

Brian needs punched!

(once again!)

Jennifer’s a tad excitable. She’s waiting to hear from Alice – who, if she has passed her degree, will also get a job that’s been offered to her.

But no degree, no job.

Brian’s decreed they’re going out to eat, because Jennifer is so excitable, and he’s also stressed about whether Rob will take the job.

BUT, Brian also decreed that Jennifer would have to leave her mobile at home, while he can take his. Brian’s theory is that Jennifer wouldn’t be able to stop checking it, but wouldn’t be able to do anything about whether Alice has/hasn’t got the job. So, that can wait. In complete contrast to Brian, who needs his phone to be able to sort out the Super Dairy manager position. Something he can control.

[Jennifer] “What about mum?”

[Brian] “What crises? That she can’t find her reading glasses!”

When They got home after their meal, Alice has been trying to call to say she’d passed, and got the job. And, of course, Lilian had been trying to get through about James.

I don’t know why Jennifer lets Brian boss her about like that.


Ralph Corderoy said...

Thanks for catching up on all these; I'm enjoying them. I rarely listen but do keep an eye on Lowfield's summary. I got the impression Matt whisking Lilian off in Paris was so that she couldn't be contacted by Arthur and Joyce, could be wrong though.

Inga McVicar said...

My pleasure! very behind of late, but slowly catching up. Hopefully have November done by December!

You're spot on about Lilian being in Paris - I just thought it was odd she put her phone off the whole time. Maybe not ...