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Lynda’s getting romantic about cows: Fri 26.10.12

The Archers Friday 26th October 2012
  • No extra for Ed or Emma
  • Even the cows inspire Lynda
  • Lynda’s cast expands
  • Will they, won’t they?

No extra for Ed or Emma

We already know about their lack of bread, but seems Ed and Emma are also low on marg.

Ed’s not even allowed to scrape the last of it out with his finger. They need that for the kids.

It’s grim.

[Emma] “I’m not asking for the lottery. Just a bit extra to get by.”

At last, Emma’s trying to get work (she must have heard me ranting). But she’s not having any luck. The Orangery at Lower Loxley only needs her once in a while. The cards asking for cleaners in the shop should have been taken down, as the work is gone. Emma tried an agency, but they won’t let her take Keira with her to work (which would defeat the point of working, due to nursery costs. If she can get into one).

[Emma] “I want to work … I should be backing you up.”

[Ed] “Nothing’s more important than what you do … I don’t want anyone else looking after them … maybe what you’re doing know will make it better for Keira growing up.”

So, Ed decides he needs to find more work. Even though he has only a few hours away from work as it is.

He asks Tom, making out they just need the extra cash for Christmas. Ed’s mortified at having to ask, Tom’s mortified at him asking. And then having to say no.

How desperately grim.

Even the cows inspire Lynda

Lynda’s getting very frisky indeed about her Elizabethan Christmas.

[Lynda] “Well, I’m feeling inspired. The bard, you know … your cows look so cosy, or am I romancing Tom?”

Just romancing, Tom reckons.

He has to deal with what comes out the other end of them.

Lynda’s cast expands

Oliver is going to read one of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Caroline will do something, but hasn’t decided one as yet.

[Ed] “You should ask Jazzer, he does love the sound of his own voice.”

[Lynda] “He’ll only single Elizabethan ballads if we can find him some bawdy ones!”

Though Lynda has a cunning plan. She’ll just give him ballads which sound as if they’re rude:

[Lynda] “It doesn’t really matter what the words mean, as long as he believes it’s smutty.”

Pip’s going to be musical director (eh?)

And Patrick’s going to be their pianist again.

Will they, won’t they?
Rhys and Fallon are practising their romantic scene.

(Just like Harry and Fallon had to do)

Their piece is about the characters not knowing that they’re meant for each.

[Rhys] “The audience should just be screaming at the end, ‘just get together, everyone can see it but you’.”


Doesn’t any young person just get their leg over these days?

(well, Jazzer excepted)

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