Sunday, 30 September 2012

Emma wants to scrub Brookfield: Sun 30.09.12

(for extra pay, of course)

The Archers Sunday 30th September
  • You are my sunshine
  • Brenda’s never happy
  • Emma’s not amused
  • The C word …
  • Emma won’t have fooled Ruth

You are my sunshine

Is what Vicky was singing when Mike came in.

He joined in her.

Later on, when they’re at Lower Loxley’s Craft Fair, Vicky got tired because the baby was busy enjoying herself.

Mike feels Vicky’s belly, moving baby an’ all.

[Mike] “Hello darling. It’s me. Your dad."


Brenda’s never happy

She moans about Lilian and Matt  bossing her around, treating her like muck.

Now is moaning that they’ve gone off, and left her to manage alone.

Emma’s not amused

From Ed.

Seems he laughed when George pulled a face when he was given his dinner.

[Ed] “You’ve got to admit that we’ve had an awful of bean and vegetable casseroles recently … I don’t mind them normally, but for a Sunday Roast … anything you can’t eat through a  straw would be nice.”

Oh dear Ed. Are you an amateur at this?

[Ed] “Even when we did have any money at home, my mum always managed to cook something tasty.”


[Emma] “Oh well excuse me, she might be able make something out of nothing, but I’m not a miracle worker Ed. I’m not your mother!”

Good god, Ed is an idiot.

The C word …


That’s what Elizabeth is getting in at Lower Loxley to check the business’ health.

I used to be a Consultant.

Now, I’m a purveyor of marketing advice and services …

Emma won’t have fooled Ruth

Emma’s getting desperate.

She’d already got an advance from Ruth on her cleaning wages.

Now she asked Ruth if she could do a few more hours. Seems the upstairs walls are in desperate need of a scrub down …

Ruth said no.

She concurred about the state of the walls, but also reckoned when cleaned, they wouldn’t stay clean for long.

Twigging that all may not be well with Emma, Ruth offers to pay her wages s normal (meaning she’d catch up on the advance eventually).

[Emma] “I was just thinking out the paintwork, we’re not worried about money at all.”


caroline_venezia said...

I'm not sure I agree about Ed - I'm thinking he has the patience of a saint not to have mentioned yet that Emma voluntarily gave up her job at Lower Loxley because she "wanted to spend more time with the children". Nobody has mentioned this yet, despite me shrieking it at the radio several times!

Inga McVicar said...

Yup . spot on. GET A JOB EMMA!!!!