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Brenda to Vicky’s rescue: Wed 05.09.12

The Archers Wednesday 5th September 2012
  • Darrell’s leaving Matt
  • Jim and Oliver bump chests
  • What’s an appropriate time for a Maid of Honour?
  • Don’t go to Vicky’s dentist for the next wee while
  • At least Vicky isn’t entirely alone

Darrell’s leaving Matt

Seems Darrell has been asking round for other work. It’s making him a tad paranoid.

Brenda met him while she was down her garden outing something in the bin. He was in his garden, making phones calls.

She didn’t hear anything, but he was over-explaining that if she did (which she didn’t), she shouldn’t think he’s trying to leave Amside (which she didn’t, until Darrell mentioned it).

Darrell needn’t have worried. Brenda has no loyalty to Matt (or Lilian).

[Brenda] “Well he’s not going to hear it from me. Amside’s just a job as I’m concerned, I’m not going to snitch to Matt or Lilian … you take your chances when you can.”

When Darrell is over Arthur and Joyce’s later on, he forgets his paranoia, and tells Arthur all.

Seems he has a job interview elsewhere.

Arthur congratulates him, while emotionally blackmails him about leaving him and Joyce to the mercy of Matt.


Darrell does need to get away from Matt, but do any of us doubt that Matt will let him go that easily?

And will Arthur grass him up first to make sure he isn’t driven out of his home?

Jim and Oliver bump chests

(not literally … though that would have made for rather interesting listening …)

It all started off with a trip to the bird hide.

[Jim] “I don’t know how much we’ll see. The birds are a bit betwixt and between at the moment …I like swallows. Swifts are deserters, always gone by mid-August, but swallows always stick around til the bitter end of summer.”

They spot a buzzard.

[Jim] “Only a buzzard, Waiting for things to warm up.”

[Oliver] “It’s a bit cruel calling them ‘only a buzzard’”

(quite right Oliver. But I know what Jim means. Buzzards are as common as sparrows round our way as well)
Oliver then mentions that he would love to see an osprey.

Jim then brags about how he’s seen many an osprey. In Loch Garton (an RSPB Reserve in the Cairngorms). In Scandinavia. And in America.

[Jim, pompously] “I got rather bored in the end. Altho0ugh if one passed through here I wouldn’t look away.”

[Oliver, sarcastically] “I hadn’t realised you were such an accomplished ornithologist Jim”

Oliver then spots a Moor Hen.

[Jim] “Oh you mean the coot … Lots of people muddle them up. When they first start bird watching.”

Oliver claims it was just a slip, and that he’s far from a beginner.

Then, Oliver spots a Widgen.

Jim says it cannot be. They only come in October. It’s a Poachard. Which Jim reckons is quite unmistakeable. Normally.

Starting to get quite irritated, Oliver claims he’s been busy.

[Oliver] “Apart from grey Gables, I’ve been trying my hand at bread making. And getting quite a lot of praise at my efforts. Actually.”

(not sure why that means Oliver can’t name birds properly, but there you have it)

Jim’s interest is piqued.

[Jim] “Where’s the pleasure in beating Derek Fletcher or Nathan Booth at anything …”

So, now that Oliver is part of the battle … Jim shall also wage war.

[Oliver] “Rest assured it won’t be me having sleepless nights about break making, Jim.”

[Jim] “Ah, but do you have the wisdom of the ancients on your side?”

Here we go again. Bloodshed over the Flower and Produce Show.

What’s an appropriate time for a Maid of Honour?

[Arthur] “Maid of Honour?”

[Darrell] “No thanks. It’s not that long since I had breakfast.”

But Darrell does relent a few moments later.

Don’t go to Vicky’s dentist for the next wee while

Vicky’s worries are affecting her work (which is understandable).


[Vicky] “My first amalgam mix was as runny as water … it’s a wonder I didn’t stick the suction hose up someone’s nose!”

Aye, best steer clear.

At least Vicky isn’t entirely alone

Brenda is astounding me at the moment.

She’s suddenly become such a nice person.

Perfect timing for Vicky (and also one assumes the personality-transplant is because of Vicky and Mike’s baby).

[Brenda] “I wanted you to know, whatever you decide, me and Roy will support you. One hundred per cent.”

Vicky starts crying.

[Vicky] “It’s just so nice to hear that … Sometimes I go hours not worrying. It’s just the way it is. Something I’ll deal with. Then this terrible panic hits me right in the chest, and I’m certain I’ll never manage … not on me own. Normally your dad puts everything in proportion for me. Not this time.”

Brenda reassures that’s just typical Mike behaviour. He needs time to think things through.

Vicky thinks Mike will never be ready to talk.

I don’t think he’ll be able to avoid it forever …

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