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Elizabeth apologises AND takes responsibility: Tues 04.09.12

The Archers Tuesday 4th September 2012
  • The first crop of carrots
  • Chilled or frozen?
  • Brenda and Tom mention they’re engaged!
  • Jamie can’t go to Tug Fowler
  • Brenda proves her worth
  • Elizabeth, self-chastising
  • Jamie’s “not bothered”

The first crop of carrots

Brenda is (rather unwillingly) helping Tom to lift this year’s first carrots from Bridge Farm.

Seems Jamie won’t be happy to hear that. For some odd reason, Kathy’s there watching them lift the carrots, and says that:

[Kathy] “He isn’t keen on any vegetables unless their swamped in a sauce.”

So she’s going to make goulash, which Jamie adores, and hide carrots so Jamie will eat them.

Which he doesn’t. he just picks them out.

Kathy really does need to get out more.

Chilled or frozen?

Tom and Brenda are back on the chat about ready meals.

They’re arguing over whether to do the ready meals chilled or frozen.

Kathy concurs with Tom that chilled sounds better (in a more healthy, fresh way, I’ll assume), but ever-the-practical Brenda thinks frozen is more practical (for them or the customer, I don’t know).

They’re wasting their time asking Kathy for her opinion. She buys chilled, then freezes them. And:

[Kathy] “I prefer, not taking sides, then you can’t get blamed for anything.”

Go on Kathy.

Live a little!

Brenda and Tom mention they’re engaged!


Feels like years since they acknowledge they’d betrothed.

But, it was hardly in a romantic way.

Brenda had taken her engagement ring off while they were working with the carrots, then couldn’t find it.

She was starting to get hysterical when Tom found it.

[Tom] “No need to go all Gollum on me!”

(ha! That was quite witty of Tom)

Anyhoo – it wasn’t anything important to listen in to, so I wonder if it’s a hint that they might actually be getting married sometime soon …

Jamie can’t go to Tug Fowler

Though he’s been watching Tug Fowler on his computer (must be YouTube and the like), he can’t go and see him at The Bull.

Over 18s only.

[Jamie] “But it’s totally unfair!”

Aye, life’s like that, young My Perks.

Brenda proves her worth

My word.

Brenda is not only showing her human side, she’s actually proving to be quite a decent human at that.

She and Tom are talking about Vicky and Mike’s baby.

[Tom] “I just feel sorry for them. Having a child at their age is hard enough, but when it’s got Down’s … it’s so sad.”

But Brenda isn’t so sure it’s “sad”. Though Mike wasn’t the greatest dad for her and Roy:

[Brenda] “He’s changed so much Tom, he’s much more open than he used to be, since mum died … the more you ask of him, the more he gives.”

[Tom] “The baby will need to much extra help. Do you think they’ll cope?”

[Brenda] “I don’t know. I think maybe they’ll do more than cope … I think it will really work out for them … up to now Vicky and dad have never had anything that’s their own … this could pull them together, make them a better team.”

Elizabeth, self-chastising

Elizabeth calls round to see Shula.

[Shula] “If you’re expecting an apology for what I said …”

Not at all.

Elizabeth tells Shula that she was angry at Shula for asking Freddie to take Topper’s tackle off (it’s “what started” Freddie getting hurt). She was also angry at the bloke on the motorbike who startled Topper into throwing Freddie. And, she’s angry at Nigel.

[Elizabeth] “Yes, I get angry with him, all the time. How am I supposed to bring up Freddie and Lily alone, I’m hopeless at it.”

Seems Elizabeth stood in front of a mirror last night.

[Elizabeth] “I just stood there and called myself every name under the sun … I nearly let Freddie get killed, and then I blame everyone else.”

[Shula] “Now you’re being too hard on yourself.”

(well, I totally disagree with Shula there. Elizabeth needs to have that hard look at herself and acknowledge when she’s wrong).

Elizabeth plays the Nigel card.

[Elizabeth] “Shula, he has a look sometimes, he asks me something and I just melt. He really is Nigel’s son … don’t you make excuses for me, I know what I should have done … I’m stupid, I get it all wrong … forgive me?”

[Shula] “You don’t even have to ask. Yes. Of course I do. You’re my sister.”


I only just said yesterday that it was about time someone told Elizabeth not to use the Nigel excuse anymore. Shula did. And has now retracted it.

10 steps back yet again …

Jamie’s “not bothered”

Jamie wouldn’t say much to Kathy about his first day at College.

After much prying, he admits it’s because he’d seen Natalie.

[Jamie] “If Natalie wants to hang out with some loser from the basketball team, then go ahead.”

So Natalie has a new boyfriend, and Jamie reckons he’s “not bothered” if he ever speaks to her again.

Should we be bothered about such common teenage angst?

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